JTC Services, Inc. Flashes Into Photo Industry with Launch of the Studio Saver

Minneapolis, MN, February 07, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Minneapolis based JTC Services, Inc. has started the new decade off with the launch of the Studio Saver- a product for the photography and videography industries. The Studio Saver prevents studio set wear-and-tear with the use of a convenient sticky mat.

The Studio Saver, which works like a sticky mat on the floor, removes dirt and light grit from the soles of shoes, thus reducing the cleaning or replacing of expensive studio sets. By simply walking across the special adhesive mat, the subject’s shoe bottoms will be cleaned off and will no longer leave footprints or stains on studio sets. Less time spent on studio set upkeep means more time can be spent producing quality results and experiencing higher client satisfaction.

The product’s size is easily transportable and is designed with a handle for carrying ease. The adhesive material on the Studio Saver mat will not harm shoe soles and does not leave a sticky residue. Each Studio Saver mat comes with 40 sheets and one single sheet may be used multiple times.

With the understanding that studio sets can be expensive to keep replacing, and that no company wants to waste time and money, Tom Sliwinski, one of the principals of JTC Services, Inc. stated that “Without having to clean, repair, or replace expensive studio sets as often, photography and videography studios will be able to save considerable amounts of time and money to improve their business in other ways.”

JTC Services, Inc. (JTC) was established in 2002, by its three principals Jennifer, Tom, and Chris Sliwinski, who happen to be three siblings. Their product is also supplied to the sports market via Fast-Brake.

JTC Services, Inc.
Chris Sliwinski