2010 Project of Parrabuddy

Parrabuddy is a loose knit team of Athletes and Volunteers who will ride the route of the 2010 Tour de France.

New York, NY, February 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Parrabuddy, a loose knit group of individual cyclists is proposing to invite both "Disabled/Adaptive/Physically Challenged Athletes" and Volunteers to participate in a "relay team" with the purpose of riding each day the same route at the "2012 Tour de France" that the racers use.

Leaving the same start area 3 to 4hrs in advance of the daily race start the "Team Parrabuddy" will ride relay style over the same Parcours used by the Tour Racers. This format will allow participants to ride with "Handbikes , Tandems , Tricycles and Adjusted Bikes for a variety of distances before handing off of the baton to a fresh rider to continue down the route.

By utilising this procedure each rider has the possibility to contribute their individual efforts to the success of the day's progress. Many people have the desire to emulate the Professional Racers efforts but lack the resources and support to achieve a semblance of that effort but as a member of this project they gain an opportunity to practice this in a limited way.

Parrabuddy continues to seek candidates to participate as both Athletes and Volunteers and asks that they come with a level of training and enthusiasm which will assist the success of the project.

Skippy has been well publicized for his efforts to assist "Disabled sport" by riding the route of the "TDF". Over the years Skippy has sought a way to involve more people in a project of this nature and is enthusiastic about assisting those aspiring to help further "Disabled Sport.

Skippy can be contacted on twitter as @skippydetour and emailed at skippi@ausi.com and skippydetour@hotmail.com .

By following www.parrabuddy.blogspot.com you will also be able to watch the progress of this project. Those interested in joining the project should keep in mind that some people will have time to join for the whole Tour and others will join for sections which better suit their schedules and resources. Please bring this project to the attention of others as there may well be people you know who will benefit from you alerting them to this worthwhile project.

Parrabuddy's Blog contains many links to Blogs about Cycling and Disability, take the time to look in occasionally as there will be information that the average person will be pleased to utilise.

If people are planning to be in France in July , what better way to pass the time there than helping others enjoy the Tour de France in a way not usually available.

Skippy Mc Carthy
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