Ryoshin-Kan Karate School Wins 2010 National Champions Trophy

Ryoshin-Kan Karate School's, Team Dragon Force wins 1st Place Karate Demo Team Trophy at the 2010 US Classic Martial Arts National Championships.

Virginia Beach, VA, February 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Awesome Performance by Team Dragon Force.

The Ryoshin-Kan Karate School's, Team Dragon Force from Virginia Beach, Virginia was Victorious through a very impressive performance in winning the 1st Place Team Demo National Champion Trophy at the WKKO / US Classic National Martial Arts Championships conducted at the Westin Tower - Virginia Beach Town Center, Virginia Beach, Virginia 29 and 30 January 2010. Trivia: The Westin Sky Scraper is the Tallest Building in Virginia (508 Feet / 38 Stories).

It was a Great Martial Arts Tournament. Team Dragon Force had a total of 53 Folks from their Karate Dojo, both Competitors, Student Spectators and Parents, that represented the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School to the highest level.

Even with a Record Snow Fall in Virginia Beach, This Group got the Job Done.
The Ryoshin-Kan Karate Team did outstanding in all Divisions.

When it was all said and done, Dragon Force took home the hardware (1st Place Trophy).

This National Championship Team Dragon Force is led by Shihan (Master) Thompson, who is an 8th degree Black Belt Master Instructor in the Okinawan / Japanese Martial Arts. He is the Founder / Director, Chief Instructor and Top Competitor of the Ryoshin-Kan Karate School and the Dragon Force National Karate Team. He is the Official OMAA Virginia State Director, RMAA National Director, and a Member of the World Stuntmans Association (WSA). He is a Retired Decorated Navy Commander, Hall of Famer, World and National Karate Champion. His Team Dragon Force has won 14 National Karate Championships and 10 World Cup Martial Arts Championships.

US Classic Tournament Results

Team Dragon Force had 53 Folks from Ryoshin-Kan including 18 competitors who won a total of 25 Trophies including 10 First Place.

WKKO US Classic National Demo Team Champions: The Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team are the 2010 WKKO US Classic Martial Arts Demo Team National Champions. *** Well Done to Sensei Thompson, Michael Milliman, Sempai Maurice Reed, Sempai Keegan Grinspoon, Kai Loree, Chris Altman, Trent DePeralta, Joe Ramirez, Demetria Ramirez, and Dia Bolton.

1st Place Demo Team: (National Champions) Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team
1st Place Black Belt Adult Kata: Sensei Michael Milliman
1st Place Black Belt Youth Kata: Maurice Reed
1st Place Black Belt Youth Kata: Kai Loree
1st Place Black Belt Youth Weapons: Kai Loree
1st Place Black Belt Youth Weapons: Kylee Battelle
1st Place Blue Belt Adult Kata: Ellen Gold
1st Place Blue Belt Adult Weapons: Ellen Gold
1st Place Green Belt Kata: Stephen Johnston
1st Place Purple Belt Adult Kata: Christy Green

The Following won 2nd thru 4th in various Divisions: Maurice Reed, Tylar Williams, Patrick Johnston, Kylee Battelle, Baileigh Williams, Stephen Johnston, Christy Green
Top Fight Medic Award: Sempai Lynwood Yeatts

Dragon Force Rocked this Tournament.
Congratulations and well done to all Ryoshin-Kan Karate School Instructors, Students, Parents, Other Relatives and friends.

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