The Alpha Centaury Project by Marco Santini : When Science Fiction Seizes Great Literature

Author Marco Santini presents SF fiction novel set in a post-Singularity future, characterized by action and suspense, that soon becomes an involving reflection on human existence and prospects. Strong pathos and powerfully dramatic scenes.

Milan, Italy, February 10, 2010 --( Italian author Marco Santini has astounded his fans by writing his first book about the impact of emerging technologies on human society and publishing it on, the online marketplace for digital content.

Mr. Santini declares: “The Alpha Centauri Project – Thinking worlds took me three years. I started to dream about it many years before, when still a teen-ager, I was missing a SF work permeated with History, Philosophy and Science... Finally I wrote down this novel.”

Diego Della Palma, a prestigious fashion expert, opinion leader and successful author, comments in his preface to the Italian edition : “The Alpha Centauri project, … for Marco Santini’s ability to carry the reader into other worlds, to make him see these feasible views, has made me "feel" a quivering. I could draw these situations in perspective and appreciate these themes unthinkable for me.”

Mr. Santini adds: “Brain emulation, mind uploading and artificial intelligences are theme of hard science fiction. In this novel they become opportunities for investigating human existence, powerful tools to understand Man’s values and fragility. Because only when this comprehension has been achieved, it is possible to choose responsibly among the many opportunities that technology is going to offer …”

“Life is a dramatic experience, from birth to death. Drama and pathos permeate the Alpha Centaur Project. The digital city condemned to an unavoidable death is touching, the view of three gigantic starships conveying a whole population hopefully to freedom belongs already History”.

Mr. Santini concludes:“I believe that we need to give to human existence aims for which it is worth living. Personal growth and progress, fundamental for the evolution of any democratic society, are here basic themes. While writing, I wondered several times how an advanced civilization can interpret these needs. Actually, this is the leading wire of the all story, till the unexpected, conclusive end …”

Both the paperback and the e-book are available worldwide on and book retailer websites such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Opinions, comments and more details can be found on the book official web site

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Marco Santini is an engineer and an MBA. He is a careful observer and interpreter of actual trends. His past experiences range from research to finance and general management.
Marco Santini
+39 349 6006559