New Book Leads Aspiring Entrepreneurs to "A Piece of the Pie"

A Piece of the Pie profiles four successful business owners who were helped by the Small Business Administration programs. These programs allow racial and ethnic groups, women, and veterans land contracts to provide products and services to the federal government.

Centreville, VA, July 22, 2005 --( In the early 1970s, Small Business Administration (SBA) programs were formed to help talented, yet disadvantaged, groups prosper in their goal to become entrepreneurs. Now, in full swing, these programs have created many success stories and big economic changes for business owners. Yet, many are unaware of it.

However, thanks to authors Peter Fretty and Dr. Shelton P. Rhodes, the booming effects of the SBA and its programs are brought to light in the new book, A Piece of the Pie.

The book profiles four successful individuals--Ted Adams Jr., Rodney Hunt, Verle Hammond and Samuel Metters--who have reached their goal to run a business through skillful work and SBA programs. This is an inspiring and enlightening story how anyone, no matter his or her background, can transcend to the world of small business and beyond.

A Piece of the Pie points out how these programs allow African-American, Hispanic, female and many other firms land contracts to provide special products and services to the federal government. Also, the opportunities offered by the SBA are now aimed at helping veterans establish businesses for themselves.

Also examined is how these programs offer a much needed financial boost to small communities by providing jobs for specially skilled people.

Authors Peter Fretty and Dr. Shelton P. Rhodes know a good deal about business opportunities. Fretty is a seasoned journalist, who specializes in industrial trade and business publications. He has an MBA in marketing and a BA in management. Rhodes is a retired Army Infantry Major, who is School of Business Chair Person. He is also the President of New Millennium Solutions (, a management consulting business and the owner of a C2 Educational Center Franchise (

Together, they bring awareness on how these programs can help racial and ethnic groups, veterans, and women to exploit their various business skills and more. The book also brings to attention how these individuals can make the government employ their services as so many other successful businessmen have done in the past.

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