Scars of the Square Needle Not Just About “Tin Can Sailors”–A Psychological Thriller About War Recovery

Sometimes the most difficult scars to heal from are the ones you never see.

Boston, MA, July 23, 2005 --( This is one of the many enduring messages that can be found in Pierre R. Beaumier's Scars of the Square Needle--a riveting book about the hectic experiences of war and the psychological and emotional scars it can inflict.

The book details the life of Dick Boucher, a teenager who joins the Navy during the Vietnam War as a "tin can sailor"--a difficult existence aboard a destroyer ship. Soon, he finds himself growing up much too fast in a world full of pain, grief, sorrow, and harsh reality. 

When the war is finally over Dick must heal from the endless scars. Though, these scars aren't physical...they run much deeper. And now Dick must deal with another type of warfare, this one psychological. He must overcome the horrid memories, sleepless nights, and agonizing depression raging inside him if he is to survive. 

Therefore, Scars of the Square Needle isn't just your ordinary war story. Aside from the detailed events of war combat and intrigue, the book deals with all the psychological trauma behind it while showing Dick's journey from a naive, young teenager to an emotionally scarred adult. Most importantly, the book not only provides a poignant first-hand look into the life of a "tin can sailor" during the war, but beyond the war as well. 

Author Pierre R. Beaumier also brings to life the many horrifying scenes of Vietnam and the frantic emotions involved with it. After all, Beaumier's inspiration for the book was derived from his own life. 

During Vietnam, he served aboard several Navy destroyer ships, such as the historic U.S.S. O'Bannon in the Tonkin Gulf. And the many places described in the book--such as the intense combat areas and beautiful Pacific isles--Beaumier experienced himself. 

Most of all, the book stresses the importance of following our own beliefs rather than those of others and the power to overcome any problem through self will and determination. 

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