Health Podcast Hits Number One and Spikes Internet Book Sales

Mobila, AL, October 27, 2006 --( Cancer, Diet, Alkalinity, and Kids was the title of the podcast by Holistic Health Consultant, Rayna Gangi, and its popularity helped to spike sales of her book,  “Forget The Cures, Find The Cause,” this week.

The popular podcast heard globally twice a week has been increasing in popularity and covers such topics as diet, nutrition, spirituality, balance, reflexology, massage, and diseases. Gangi is also known for commenting on politics and news from a spiritual and Native American perspective.

“I’ve asked my podcast fans to help get alternative health into the mainstream,” says Gangi. “They’re spreading the word, writing reviews, and sending tons of emails for support.”

“Rayna G. has become a search term,” says her publicist, Elsa Claverie. “And the 'Holistic Health Hotline' is the second most popular search to get to our web site.”

Internet sales through popular portals such as and have gone up and down since the book’s publication August 23, but it has maintained its popularity among both laymen and professional and has been touted “one of the best” holistic health books available.

Gangi says, “I had to do a podcast on cancer because it’s still so prevalent in our society. Though there are many forms, there are still basic things people can do to fight its onset or its growth. An alkaline body versus an acid one doesn’t harbor disease.”

Gangi has worked in the past with the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer.

“We can beat it,” she says, “but people have to get diligent about getting their bodies, minds, and spirits in balance. Forget The Cures, Find The Cause, helps them to do just that, and the Holistic Health Hotline is a constant resource.”

Elsa Claverie