BeerGas Adds Confidence, Speed & Flexibility to Cowboys Stadium

North Texas beverage gas company helps Cowboys Stadium achieve first-year success off the field.

Arlington, TX, February 11, 2010 --( Beverage gas and beer systems experts - The BeerGas Company - has expanded the Cowboys’ Stadium options, enabling them to serve draft beer to fans and guests. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, The BeerGas Company is a beverage gas company that serves the food service, hospitality, sports and entertainment industries with brew-specific gases, beer-systems expertise and on-demand service. They were selected by the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to install and manage the draft beer systems for the billion-dollar, 100,000 seat sports and entertainment mega venue.

BeerGas helps Cowboys avoid waste while responding to customer demand for draft beer.

“When we built the stadium, we chose not to include draft beer systems in the plans, for various reasons.” says Cowboys Beverage Director, Carter Helwig. “The BeerGas Company has alleviated our concerns. The draft beer pours consistently, with the right amount of head, they do a great job maintaining the systems, and there is no loss of pressure from any of our bulk CO2 tanks. They have been great.”

The BeerGas Company which is known primarily for their ability to provide both ‘standard’ and brew-specific beer gas mixtures are also beer systems experts and no stranger to projects of this magnitude. Company President Richard Braisher explains that, “Having served large clients such as Reliant Stadium (Houston), Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, Minute Maid Park and others, we fully understand and can delivery the expertise and service required helping these organizations become successful. Wasted product from a poorly designed, installed and managed draft beer system can lead to millions of dollars lost for organizations like the Cowboys”, says Braisher. Beyond the impact on the company, The BeerGas Company also recognizes the importance to the end-user – the fan who buys draft beer. BeerGas VP of Operations David Walker says “Because we help thousands of restaurants, bars and hotels serve their guests a great tasting and refreshing pint, we know what the draft-beer-loving customer wants. When you put those same customers inside the Cowboys Stadium on game day or concert-day, you then simply multiply their expectations by 10. The consumers in this setting expect their draft beer to be poured faster, colder and with the acceptable amount of foam – without compromise.”

A huge part of The BeerGas Company’s success has been derived from their high touch customer support. “In the food service and hospitality industries especially, our clients rely heavily on us to make these (beer gases and beer systems) components of their business worry-free. Operators and managers have a multitude of things to address each and every day, so if BeerGas can help them have one less thing to worry about, then we’ve done our job,” says Braisher.

Included in the general bars and concessions that cater to Cowboys Stadium’s 80,000 general seating capacity are 10 private Clubs. The Clubs accommodate and cater to up to 15,000 exclusive fans by providing their own full service bars and full concessions. These add to Helwig’s complex and demanding role as the stadium’s Beverage Director. “Their (BeerGas Company) service is like no other”, Helwig says. "They’re extremely professional and the extent of the team’s knowledge makes them very easy to work with. They give me peace of mind.”

The BeerGas Company
Anna Rodriguez