Test Data Management Vendor Grid-Tools Partner with HIPAA QA to Offer Better Data for Health Care Industry

HIPAA QA, Inc., a strategic healthcare IT quality assurance service provider focused on delivering best-in-class interoperable testing solutions for HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 is pleased to announce a joint venture partnership with Grid-Tools Limited, a leading global vendor of data creation, data masking and test data management software.

London, United Kingdom, February 12, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The joint venture will produce a X12N/HIPAA module for Datamaker™, Grid-Tools signature test data management solution, and HIPAAdvanced™, a test data management service from HIPAA QA, Inc. HIPAAdvanced™ is designed as vendor agnostic, making it available to all industry segments - payers, providers, clearinghouses, software vendors, integrators and outsourcing companies. Common industry test data sets enable robust internal testing, interoperable external testing and also test vendor's 5010 software product delivery and test EDI translator's HIPAA edit interpretations. This service guarantees the most interoperable test data available in the market today, and any ambiguities in HIPAA test files will be verified using X12's interpretation portal.

Mark Lott, President of HIPAA QA highlights "This partnership enables delivery of healthcare's only full service solution offering secure PHI data masking, 5010 test data generation with data-on-demand and allows for seamless integration with all major test automation tools encompassing all X12N transaction sets, data relationships, legacy data formats and HIPAA 5010 file interdependencies." As the original architect of HCCO CCAP, the healthcare's industry's first HIPAA 4010A common EDI interpretation testing and certification program, Mr. Lott has a unique perspective in what it takes to deliver interoperability to HIPAA transactions and having the tools and methodology to create robust test data is a crucial first step. Additional CCAP details can be found at www.hipaaconformance.org/index.htm.

Huw Price, Grid-Tools Managing Director, says "Leveraging our expertise in supplying test data to protect highly sensitive environments in banking, government, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, we have partnered with HIPAA QA to deliver this very important toolset for the US healthcare market. GT Datamaker™ contains an extremely sophisticated data masking and data obfuscation solution that de-identifies sensitive and private data records so they can be used outside of live production environments. The tool also delivers automated file generation, conversion and can obfuscate or anonymize PHI data while leaving relationships and referential integrity in place across the data landscape."

Mr. Lott comments "We are excited to demonstrate to industry leaders how this strategic, innovative and proven solution is uniquely qualified to fill the test data gaps currently being experienced within HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 implementation efforts. The industry needs a common solution that will enable large scale success for the industry and our solution does exactly that by providing a single source solution that payer, providers and clearinghouses can all test with sharing similar test data enabling interoperability at its highest possible level. Without a doubt highly advanced testing and test data solutions will be critical to unequivocally validate that ICD-10 is implemented correctly with no negative financial impacts to health plans and providers."

Huw Price adds "In light of HIPAA privacy and security regulations combined with the enhanced prohibited use of production data containing PHI, the industry needs a comprehensive secure solution. Organizations are looking for a tool and service which provides development and test teams with secure, unidentifiable and valid test data that exercises codebases without the use of production data."

About Grid-Tools Limited:
Grid-Tools are specialists in data creation, data masking and test data management. Their experienced personnel have been writing and developing solutions for large companies in both the private and public sectors for over 30 years. The Grid-Tools Datamaker™ suite includes a wide range of tools for test data management including such innovative products as Datamaker™, a revolutionary tool that creates and publishes quality test data with the referential integrity of production environments for testing and development. Datamaker™ offers three methods for managing and generating data, inclusive of database subsetting, data obfuscation (data masking and data de-identification) and synthetic data generation.

The Grid-Tools methodology consists of using the “data-centric” approach to testing whereby, their focus is to ensure the quality of the test data you are using is of the right quality for successful testing.

About HIPAA QA, Inc.:
HIPAA QA, Inc., is a strategic healthcare IT quality assurance service partner focused on delivering best-in-class interoperable testing solutions for HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 and leverages extensive experience in testing methodologies, test data management, configuration management and test automation practices along with 10 yrs experience in HIPAA testing, certification and test data solutions.

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