New Water Sports Website and Waterman Community Waterhound Has Officially Launched

Waterhound a New Waterman Water Sports Online Community and Water Sports Information and Entertainment Website has been officially launched

San Francisco, CA, February 12, 2010 --( A robust new online community website has just been launched to serve the Global Water Sports Community: Top Level Water Sports News is seamlessly blended with User Generated content, and original Waterhound developed content, to present an integrated online resource for the Waterman Water Sports Community.

Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Surfing, Sailing, and Paddling Based Sports make up the bulk of Waterhound’s content, however many additional waterman sports are covered. Lifeguarding, Bodyboarding, and Fishing are just a few additional examples of what you’ll find on

Waterhound was built to better connect, inform, and entertain the broader water sports community while helping provide sustainable growth to the water sports industries. By providing Top Level News & Event coverage to the water sports that make up the waterman lifestyle & sharing that content across its social networking platform Waterhound will serve as the first stop destination for all Water Sports Enthusiasts. In addition you’ll also find on Waterhound:

· One of the Largest Online Multi-Media Water Sports Directories in existence
· A Global Multi Water Sport Calendar that has most of the major events already listed
· A Full Featured Session Reporting Platform built for users to share their experiences
· A Comprehensive Video & Photo Capability
· All integrated behind a unified Social Networking Structure

Intrinsic to Waterhound’s plans are a strong support for the Associations and Organizations that make up the water sports community. 15% of all of Waterhound’s advertising (and sometimes more) is served up free to these worthy causes. Waterhound blends regional event participation with top level news to broaden local event awareness and grow event participation in the water sports we love. By better interconnecting the broader water sports community Waterhound can have multiplier in helping rally support for water sports causes, advocacy efforts, and safety awareness.

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