FBrothers & Company, Inc. Receives Patent from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for Anti-Counterfeiting System that Employs U.S. Dollar Bills

New York, NY, February 13, 2010 --(PR.com)-- A new anti-counterfeiting system, ValidateMyTag, receives patent for employing U.S. bills to serve as the “certificate of authenticity” for merchandise in order to protect luxury brands from counterfeiters.

After an arduous 2 year process, The United States Patent and Trademark Office has finally issued a patent for an innovative anti-counterfeiting system known as ValidateMyTag (Patent No. 7,628,317). The system, developed by FBrothers and Company, Inc., aims to protect luxury brands from counterfeiters by empowering consumers with the ability to check the authenticity of merchandise at the point of sale. The novelty of ValidateMyTag comes from its utilization of U.S. dollar bills to serve as the “certificate of authenticity” for merchandise, allowing consumers to easily identify fake goods.

Here’s how ValidateMyTag works:

At the Point of Manufacturing, U.S. dollar bills are attached to merchandise in a specially designed, tamper-proof tag.

The Serial Numbers of the U.S. dollar bills are stored within the ValidateMyTag Central Database along with specific product identification information of the attached merchandise. (i.e. Product Number, SKU, UPC, Product Serial Number).

At the Point of Sale, consumers can validate the authenticity of their purchase by ‘texting’ the Serial Number of the U.S. dollar bill, via a cell phone, to the ValidateMyTag Center. Once the text message is sent, a validation message will be systematically delivered to the consumer’s cell phone indicating the Product Number, SKU, UPC, and any other key product verifiers that are stored within the ValidateMyTag Central Database.

This patent is issued as luxury-goods companies seek stability amid a shaky economy and the ongoing problem of counterfeiting. A survey conducted by Ledbury Research in 2007 determined that 31% of consumers purchased a counterfeit item thinking it was the real thing. The high percentage of consumers who fall victim to counterfeiting has resulted in negative shopping experiences, as well as tarnished brands, and lost of revenues for legitimate apparel companies. Through this new innovative technology, ValidateMyTagTM is positioned to restore brand integrity to luxury brands world-wide. Be prepared to see ValidateMyTag employed by top luxury bands in 2010.

For additional information about the ValidateMyTag system, contact Edward Fowler or visit www.validatemytag.com.

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Edward Fowler