Dr. Rachael Ross, Nationally Recognized Doctor and Sexologist, Says Everyday is a Good Day to Celebrate Your Love Life

Dr. Rachael Ross is a Chicago-based MD and clinically trained sexologist who says everyday is an opportunity for you to spice up your love life.

Dallas, TX, February 18, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Flowers, chocolates, a candlelit dinner are the typical ingredients of a birthday or anniversary gift. But Chicago doctor and sexologist Dr. Rachael Ross says you’ve got to spice it up to keep your relationship interesting.

“How about the gift of orgasm?” asked Ross, an energetic, outspoken, no-holds-barred speaker known around the country for her open discussions about relationships, sex, abstinence for teenagers, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

“Whether you’re married, dating or stepping out on a loved one, you’re looking for pleasure. There are safe and healthy ways to enjoy your partner – so why not take your relationship to a new level on a day created to celebrate love."

Dr. Rachael says there is so much pressure on men and women to find the perfect gift on Valentine’s Day when sometimes it’s just a matter of taking the time to talk to your partner and understand their needs – emotionally, mentally and sexually.

“Let’s face it,” says Dr. Rachael, “we’re all so busy that Valentine’s Day, birthday and anniversary gifts end up being rushed and put together at the last minute. It’s not too late to make it right for this year."

For more traditional married couples, Dr. Rachael suggests a step outside of your comfort zone as the perfect gift. For the dating couple, she suggests a walk on the wild-side. For those having affairs, which she’s not advocating, Dr. Rachael says be careful because certain gifts can send subtle and maybe unwanted messages.

In her new book, “Down Right, Feel Right. Outercourse For Her & For Him. Taste, touch and feel. Exploring Your Way to Orgasm,” is an easy-to-read, instructional flip book designed to be read out loud, alone and together. In the end, couples and individuals commit themselves to focus on intimacy and ecstasy. The ladies read ‘Outercourse for Her’ from the front and then, men flip it over and ‘Outercourse for Him’ is on the back.

Dr. Rachel has been featured twice weekly on Chicago area television on “You & Me This Morning” on Chicago’s WCIU – ‘The U’, she offers her sex and relationship advice weekly on Chicago’s Power 92FM, is quoted frequently in Cosmopolitan Magazine, writes for several medical publications, as well as provides medical commentary for the nationally syndicated Tavis Smiley radio show. You can learn more about Dr. Rach on her webpage (http://drrachael.com), Facebook (http://facebook.com/drrach) and YouTube (http://youtube.com/drrachael). Dr. Rachael also takes your calls 24/7 at 1-888-DrRach7 (377-2247).

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