Premier Fine Wines Offer the Alternative Investment

Richmond, United Kingdom, February 14, 2010 --( Leading wine consultancy Premier Red Fine Wines are show casing latest wine investment performance figures, clearly indicating that wine really is one of the leading alternative asset classes for investors looking for a high return and long term reward from their investments.

The market for fine wines has been around for centuries. The turn of this century however has seen it grow into something that many, both within the industry, and spectators alike felt might not be achievable. The rise of the internet and the introduction of on-line trading platforms have ensured sustained growth which has resulted in the market outperforming many of the most popular and traditional areas of investment.

Premier Reds focus is providing their clients with a personalised strategy. Depending on needs and price point, the difference in wines can translate into not only varying growth but also, and just as importantly for many of their clients the hold term.

The investment market for New World wines has grown significantly over recent years. There is now a remarkable list of boutique fine wines regularly traded for profit and pleasure.

New interest, new market mechanisms. Limited supply, reputation, winemakers and undeniable quality at a low initial cost have thrust many of Australia’s best wines onto the world stage. The challenge for the investor is to understand the market and make exceptional choices; this is where Premier Red’s expertise can help.

The New World wines Premier Red recommend are made up of ‘small cap’ vineyards that produce wines of outstanding quality in extremely low volumes and often palatable starting prices. This coupled with rave reviews and fanatical buyers is the basis for an exciting emerging market.

Premier Red’s duality in the UK and Asia means that communication and information flow is accurate and up to date. The unique benefit of Premier Red’s strategy is a platform in which investors are buying Fine Wine at an advantageous price within an area that has the best supply, and offering these wines at a later date once they are scarce to an area that lacks sufficient supply but pays the highest premium.

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Premier Red Fine Wine Ltd
Enzo Giannotta
+44 (0) 20 8334 8360