FutureCarbon Achieves Breakthrough in Development of Simply Soluble CNT Granulates

FutureCarbon has successfully completed development of a non-dusting carbon nanotube granulate that disperses by simple stirring. In its reaction and handling the granulate is comparable to soluble coffee. This development marks a breakthrough in the industrial use of carbon nanomaterials. FutureCarbon is marketing the product as CarboGran.

Bayreuth, Germany, February 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- CarboGran is a simply soluble granulate consisting of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). By just stirring them into the solvent, the CNTs distribute evenly to form stable dispersions with no tendency to reagglomerate. CarboGran can be used together with a whole number of different solvents such as water, alcohols, ethylene glycol.

CarboGran is manufactured by a special process developed by FutureCarbon. Here the CNTs are separated, stabilized and carefully granulated to create a simply soluble and easily dosed powder of dry and free-flowing aggregates containing solely CNTs.

CarboGran virtually eliminates the effort involved to date for further processing carbon nanomaterials into composite materials, because it does away entirely with elaborate and technically demanding dispersion processes on the part of the user. The dustfree and dry state ensures high stability of the warehoused product, straightforward handling and simple dosing.

Depending on how it is dosed, CarboGran makes it possible to produce specific electrical and/or mechanical properties in coatings, adhesives, sealants, varnishes, building materials and the like. Very small amounts of CarboGran are sufficient to achieve the desired effect in the matrix system, e.g. to manufacture antistatic flooring.

A video can be downloaded from the FutureCarbon website at http://www.future-carbon.de/video/CarboGran.mpg.

About FutureCarbon GmbH:
FutureCarbon specializes in the development and manufacture of carbon nanomaterials and their refinement into so called carbon supercomposites as primary products for industrial further processing. Carbon supercomposites are composite materials that evolve the special properties of carbon nanomaterials in the macroscopic world of real applications. All of our materials are manufactured on an industrial scale.

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