What Do the Wizard of Oz, Pinocchio, and Tarzan Have in Common?

Three fun-to-use titles from A. J. Cornell Publications—The Wizard of Oz Vocabulary Builder, The Pinocchio Intermediate Vocabulary Builder, and Tarzan and Jane’s Guide to Grammar—have been chosen as recommended texts by two renowned reading and literacy authorities.

Bayside, NY, October 29, 2006 --(PR.com)-- In their new book, Quotes to Inspire Great Reading Teachers: A Reflective Tool for Advancing Students’ Literacy, authors Dr. Cathy Collins Block and Dr. Susan E. Isreal chose the above-mentioned titles as the best vocabulary and grammar texts for grades 4–10.

Dr. Cathy Collins Block is a Professor of Education at Texas Christian University. She has taught every grade level from preschool to graduate school and was elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the International Reading Association from 2002–2005. She has served or is presently serving on the Board of Directors of the National Reading Conference, Nobel Learning Communities, IBM Educational Board of Directors, and the National Center for Learning Disabilities. She presently serves on the Editorial Boards for the Journal of Educational Psychology, Reading Research Quarterly, The Reading Teacher, National Reading Conference Yearbook, and America Tomorrow.

Dr. Susan E. Israel is the Graduate Reading Coordinator and Assistant Professor at the University of Dayton. She continues to promote reading through her work with the International Reading Association and other national literacy organizations. She researches in the area of developmental aspects of reading comprehension, development of a child’s mind, metacognition, how the brain enables reading comprehension, and research in neuroscience as it relates to reading processes.

The Wizard of Oz Vocabulary Builder offers 1850 challenging vocabulary words in the context of a beloved story. High school students can’t help but remember the meanings of the words they encounter because of the book’s revolutionary approach. First they see a boldface vocabulary word in context in this completely original retelling of L. Frank Baum’s classic tale. Next, at the bottom of the same page, they read a thorough but user-friendly definition and an illustrative sentence that is funny or informative and which relates the word to some event or concept they are already familiar with.

The Pinocchio Intermediate Vocabulary Builder—which in 2004 was selected by the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association as one of the Top 40 Young Adult Non-Fiction Books of the year—employs the same format as The Wizard of Oz, but is aimed at upper elementary, middle school, and junior high school students and features 1,000 somewhat easier words.

In Tarzan and Jane’s Guide to Grammar: The World’s First Grammar Novel, Jane teaches Tarzan all about parts of speech, phrases and clauses, and punctuation, while the romantic pair endure the perils of the African jungle.

Says Mark Phillips, author/publisher of the three recommended books, “It is especially gratifying to have our titles recommended by such literacy luminaries as Drs. Block and Isreal. Our company, A. J. Cornell Publications, is relatively small and new, and it is an honor to appear in print, in the celebrated authors’ new work, alongside such other recommended author/educators as Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein, and alongside such other top publishers as Simon & Schuster, Random House, Knopf, Scholastic, HarperCollins, and Harcourt.

A number of schools have already jumped on the bandwagon and are using The Wizard of Oz Vocabulary Builder, The Pinocchio Intermediate Vocabulary Builder, and/or Tarzan and Jane’s Guide to Grammar in the classroom. Some of these are W. T. Clarke High School (Westbury, NY), Bellingham High School (Bellingham, MA), Marlborough High School (Marlborough, MA), Raymore-Peculiar High School (Peculiar, MO), The Academy for International Studies (North Palm Beach, FL), Union High School (Union, NJ), New Providence Middle School (Clarksville, TN), Saddlebrook Preparatory  School (Wesley Chapel, FL), Cheylin Unified School District (Bird City, KS), Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA), Growth Works (Plymouth, MI), Montgomery Blair High School (Silver Springs, MD), and Colby-Sawyer College (New London, NH).

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Mark Phillips