The Seventh Legion - by Matthew Voxx - Hardback Book, 1st Edition Released; Critically Acclaimed Novel Based on the Award-Winning Short Story

“(One of the top)…honorable mention."-Stephen Fox, Publisher, Gom Publishing.

Columbus, OH, February 14, 2010 --( Synopsis:

The King is dead. A country is in turmoil. A rising global conglomerate, the trusted Genesis Corp., endeavors to become the first monopoly to seize control a country’s government under lies of common hope, wealth and affluence. Sentinel, the elite personal guard of the royal families having been framed for the assassination, is the only force that remains to stop the firm’s clandestine plans of total enslavement; but the elite military core’s numbers are few, and forcibly undermanned compared to the assets of the Genesis and their mercenary army.

The most anticipated novel based on the award-winning short story from The Best New Sci-Fi & Fantasy For 2004 collection; an epic almost nine years in the making.

First Edition currently available via

M.T. Voxx