Ballet Studio Urges Students to Learn Proper Technique

Califorinia DanceArts Finds Proper Technique & Alignment Crucial for Dancers

La Canada, CA, February 16, 2010 --( La Canada, CA: California DanceArts ( is urging dance students to learn proper dance technique as their top priority. The dance studio has always been committed to providing the highest quality of dance and ballet instruction for all ages. According to California DanceArts, dance should be an enriching part of the life of those who decide to train in it, and for children it should be fun. It should be a release and a great form of exercise. But this ballet studio has found that the most important elements for a dancer are a firm grounding in proper technique and alignment.

According to California DanceArts Founder and Director, Erin Holt, great technique isn’t something that magically happens overnight. Since the process takes perseverance and practice, California Dance Arts offers ballet classes every day, and in a variety of age groups and skill levels, to be sure dancers have the opportunity to get proper training. As a part of this philosophy of dance training, the school became licensed to offer classes in Maor Placement Technique, based on the teachings of Yehuda Maor. This technique is designed specifically for intermediate and advanced level ballet dancers and focuses on the dancers' placement, creating a core center technique that is strong, balanced and solid.

Founder and Director, Erin Holt stated “Beyond the sheer joy of dance and an appreciation for the arts, we at California Dance Arts also strive to ensure our young dancers have proper technique and alignment, regardless of where dance takes them in the future. It's crucial for dancers to have proper strength, along with substantial flexibility to allow them the fullest potential and to help prevent injury. The fundamentals of ballet are the best tools to embedding this strong technique and lasting principles. The technique and skills we provide are intended to stay with our dancers for years to come and should help them achieve their goals in dance, whether it be dancing with a ballet company, dancing on Broadway, dancing in college, or just dancing for fun!”

Since 1987, California DanceArts has been dedicated to the purpose of grooming and nurturing the talents of beginning to serious career dance students. The school has established a reputation as a career preparatory studio for dancers transitioning to the professional level. Its current location in beautiful La Canada is nestled among several schools and recreational facilities. The school provides three large studio spaces featuring sprung floors designed to prevent injury, 20-foot high ceilings geared for unobstructed jumping, wall mirrors and air conditioning. Director Erin Holt also runs California Contemporary Ballet, a dance troupe that puts on several original ballet productions per year, including the Snow Queen (, an original ballet with an original music score. This show is put on every December and recently completed its 12th season. California DanceArts is also offering several dance intensive workshops for various levels in summer 2010, and more on these can be seen at The school’s blog can be seen at For more information about California DanceArts and the programs offered by the school, call 818-790-7924, or visit the school online at

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