Ittiam Systems Brings Streaming Video to Golden-i

A futuristic hands-free, wireless, video capable application on the Texas Instruments OMAP3530.

Bangalore, India, February 16, 2010 --( Golden-iTM is a revolutionary wireless (Bluetooth and WiFi) headset which delivers a familiar 15 inch diagonal PC display, virtually 18 inches from the users eye when highly mobile. Golden-i can actively interface remotely with up to seven host devices at one time and provides an active noise cancelled natural speech recognition interface in the noisiest industrial environment. Golden-i readily accepts input from conventional host device interfaces such as keyboards, touch screens and a wireless mouse.

The advanced technology supported by Kopin on Golden-i is based on the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) OMAP3530 applications processor and Microsoft’s Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 Operating System (OS).

Ittiam’s novel multi-core video implementations utilizing the processing power of the TMS320C64x+™ and ARM® Cortex™-A8 of the OMAP™ 3 processor enables streaming video at resolutions of standard definition (D-1) 480p (720 x 480 at 30 fps) for MPEG-4 Advanced Simple Profile (ASP), WMV9 Main Profile (MP) and H.264 Baseline Profile (BP); the most widely used video decoders in the industry, while also performing AAC and WMATM audio decoding. Support for video industry standards enables the Golden-i user to retrieve content from a MicroSD card, stream video from a host device or directly from the Internet. All other Golden-i functions typically rely on the ARM Cortex-A8.

The audio and video decoder functions, along with associated file parsers, are available as highly optimized DirectShowTM filters on the Windows CE® OS, allowing easy integration of multimedia capabilities into applications through the DirectShow framework.

Several adaptations have been made at the Ittiam ready-to-use Board Support Package (BSP) level to drive Golden-i’s peripheral hardware with a feature set supporting Kopin's Cyber Display, 6 Axis Solid State Head Tracker, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, WiFi b/g and active noise cancellation requirements. Ittiam’s expertise enabled rapid realization of the required drivers and system software to enable specific peripherals and interfaces. Thanks to the differentiating feature of the Ittiam BSP, a new Golden-i hardware unit can be brought up straight from assembly house, all necessary software uploaded and have the application run with just a MicroSD card, avoiding the need for separate JTAG or serial port based programmers.

“World leading codecs and multimedia system expertise from Ittiam, coupled with the performance of the TI OMAP3530, enables Kopin to achieve on-the-fly D-1 (720 x 480p 30 frames per second) streaming video when Golden-i user’s are highly mobile and actively engaged, delivering unparalleled convenience and increased individual performance,” said Jeffrey Jacobsen, Golden-i Program Manager. “Being able to stream and playback nearly any available video content with seamless DVD quality video is a must for enterprise and industrial activities.”

“Ittiam is proud to be part of such an innovative product development, integrating game changing technology from several world leading technology companies.” stated Rohit Bhuva, Vice President of Business Development at Ittiam Systems. “We firmly believe Kopin’ s Golden-i to be the essence of a new hands-free mobile computing and communications paradigm – spontaneous access to information, a familiar PC experience and the ability to remotely control the devices, machines and networks all around us.”

Golden-i Dev Kits are now being shipped. Golden-i headsets will be showcased and demonstrated in the Motorola booth (#8A51) at the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Spain on February 15th – 18th.

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