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What does esteemed actor/writer/director Gary Oldman, cell phones, a Jewish Hip Hop group named Chutzpah, bikini clad women and a music video all have in common? They are the focus of accomplished actress/writer and debut director Juliet Landau's funny, cutting-edge short subject documentary, "Take Flight." Technology icon Nokia, in the hands of talent icon, Gary Oldman have collectively raised cell-cam art to soaring heights and given birth to a new trend in the process.

Los Angeles, CA, February 17, 2010 --( Visionary Cinema presents Juliet Landau's new documentary project, "Take Flight," a short funny doc about Gary Oldman and cutting-edge technology.

Oldman directed his music video shot entirely on cell phones and operated one of them as well. He asked Juliet to direct a behind the scenes "making-of" and her take on the ensuing madness bloomed into a documentary that is intoxicating. The cell phone footage affords a truly rare point-of-view. “It’s like being inside his brain…seeing through his eyes,” says Landau, who reveals Oldman in a fascinating light: playful, funny, joyous, fluid, capturing his childlike exploration and an uncharted perspective on the world-renowned artist.

*Juliet Landau (Tim Burton’s Ed Wood, Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel) is a highly respected actress, writer, producer and burgeoning director. She is also a former professional ballerina.

*Gary Oldman (Book of Eli, Dark Knight, Harry Potter) has distinguished himself as an actor, writer, producer and director. His feature directorial and writing debut, Nil by Mouth won an Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film and a BAFTA (a British Academy Award) for Best Original Screenplay.

*Because the film centers around cutting-edge technology, highlights that filmmaking is accessible in a way it has never been before and is perfect for the new frontier of Internet content, Juliet has chosen to make the film available for streaming directly on the films’ website. The website:, which houses the trailer and interviews, has had over 600 thousand hits with nearly no promotion.

From Cassie Carpenter, Backstage West: “Juliet Landau’s first directing project is innovative and feels surprisingly un-Hollywood. "Take Flight" is a technologically groundbreaking yet intimate glimpse into Oldman's creative process. Not only does the audience get to see a goofier, looser, and even wistful side to the actor whose characters are usually borderline psychotic, but because Oldman shot his music video solely on cell phones, much of Take Flight is from his own point of view.”

From Gary Oldman: “Juliet Landau is an exceptional talent! I entrusted Juliet to make a documentary film about me and I am thrilled with the results! Take Flight is a special film that shows me in a very different light. I will work with Juliet again without hesitation.”

Who: Gary Oldman and Juliet Landau
What: "Take Flight"
When: Launch date: 2/25/2010

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