Large Advertising Agencies Waste Clients’ Money, Says 24DP 24DP, Inc. Announces Agency Status and New Business Model.

New York based Production Company 24DP, Inc. announced today it has become a hybrid Advertising Agency, providing all the services of a large agency without the overhead.

New York, NY, February 17, 2010 --( “It is a fact that large advertising agencies have massive overhead and that their clients pay for it directly,” says 24DP CEO Brian Cristiano. “The economy is changing the way all companies do business, and with new advances in technology and the emergence of social media, businesses need to look at where their advertising dollars are really going.”

When it comes to executing an idea most large agencies use a multitude of third party vendors. The agency typically hires a production company to execute their idea, who in turn contract additional vendors to finish the project.

“The amount of time and money lost in all of these transactions can be astronomical,” says Cristiano “Clients should be confident all of their money is being used on their final product and not being diluted by numerous parties.”

24DP is one of the first companies to combine all production and agency resources at one firm. This combination allows 24DP to be quick and flexible in anticipating industry trends and operating ahead of the curve, which ultimately creates more cost effective advertising.

Proving the point, 24DP recently launched a five commercial campaign for FlatRate Moving the day after the Super Bowl.

“We chose 24DP as our agency because of their ability to create and execute effective advertising quickly,” says Jon Katz, Vice President of Marketing for FlatRate Moving. “The commercials are not only entertaining, but create great brand awareness for FlatRate”

The television commercials are a part of a larger campaign designed to target FlatRate’s key customers in a cost effective manor.

“Our measure of success is not in awards or accolades, but in the ROI of our clients, their expectations, and the development of their brand,” says Cristiano.

As the majority of large agencies are owned by only a handful of multinational large conglomerates, it is difficult for these companies to move quickly and to adapt to the changing business landscape.

“Careless overspending, creative laziness, and money-throwing-problem-solvers will soon become a thing of the past as we have seen in other industries,” says Cristiano. “We are confident our agency model is truly revolutionary and will become the future of advertising.”


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24DP is a staple in the creative community having worked on many memorable campaigns for a wide range of clients. As an agency, 24DP’s nontraditional approach is completely streamlined, saving its clients time and money while creating effective advertising campaigns. The agency creates and positions all forms of media from television, print and radio to social media and viral marketing. 24DP houses creative, production, branding and marketing in one location allowing them to stay ahead of the curve and deliver superior ROI’s to their clients.

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