Kabir Suman Forum Introduces Premium Membership

With the intention of further enhancing your experience, Kabir Suman Forum has introduced Premium Memberships, which simply further expand members' account feature list and givethem access to a few nifty off-site features.

Kolkata, India, November 01, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The Kabir Suman Forum is absolutely delighted to announce that it has significantly expanded the ability of its member base, by customizing and installing several modifications to the forum.

With the intention of further enhancing member experience, Kabir Suman Forum has introduced Premium Memberships, which simply further expand their account feature list and give them access to a few nifty off-site features.

But before going into detail, Kabir Suman Forum would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved behind the scenes with planning and implementation.

Premium Membership:

Now it is stressed, friends, that joining the forum will always be 100% free. Premium Membership basically upgrades general member account to include a set of exclusive features. The money made goes to web hosting costs, and general site maintenance fees. As the Kabir Suman Forum is absolutely advertisement free and the management is very serious to provide  an " No Advertisement" viewing experience with the forum, the management have decided to generate a portion of the revenue from the Premium Membership.

Premium Membership costs $25.00/year (Introductory Price), and can be purchased in one, two or five years tenure. Once your account is converted to a premium member, a member will receive:

- A premium membership badge
- A premium POP3 email account, with 2GB storage. (yourname@KabirSuman.Org - supported by www.google.com)
- No minimum Post count required to access certain forums
- Custom Avatar allowed. Upload attachment.
- Can edit Profile for unlimited times and include profile picture
- Separate Premium set of forums
- More KS$ per post  Earn KS$ for even reading a post
- Add image in signature along with Custom Title
- Get 3000 KS$ on upgrading
- All forum features accessible.
- Acess to Premium only feature like Forum Map, etc.
- Access to ask questions to Kabir Suman directly
- Exclusive download section for Kabir Suman Ringtones and Songs
- Exclusive section of Artilces, Poetries by Kabir Suman
- ...And Many More...

Premium Memberships are the ultimate passport to Kabir Suman Forum.

About Kabir Suman Forum:

Kabir Suman Forum is the only websites for current news, information, and online discussions about Kabir Suman. It takes pride in reporting reliable, truthful, and positive news stories and articles about the Kabir Suman - Singer, songwriter, poet. The commitment of Kabir Suman Forum to integrity has made it the official Kabir Suman fan community, recognized by Kabir Suman himself.

Through this lively discussion forums, fans can not only interact and express their views about all the latest news and events surrounding Kabir Suman, but also can discuss and talk to Kabir Suman himself directly on board.

Kabir Suman Forum began operating in August, 2006. After being online for just a few months it became an instant success and significantly expanded the ability of it's member base.

Kabir Suman Forum is operated by a team of volunteers from different parts of India and is totally advertisement free forum. For more information please visit http://www.kabirsuman.org

Aloke Majumder