OpsisClinical Announces Laser Resurfacing with the New Laserscope Venus i machine

Coming from a company that has sold 100% of skin resurfacing lasers over the last 10 years, Laserscope Venus i machine has become a popular treatment for many patients who have wrinkles, refractory melasma, photodamage and acne scarring.

Heraklion Crete, Greece, February 18, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Erbium/YAG laser resurfacing has emerged as one of the safer, more effective methods of facial rejuvenation and its increasing popularity has led to its widespread use for resurfacing.

The Laserscope Venus i is an Erbium/Yag, widely known as one of the best Erbium lasers available to date. This laser system uses 2940nm wavelength for the best results in laser resurfacing to diminish the signs of aging and fine lines. When laser resurfacing first became available, the standard at the time was CO2 laser systems. CO2 systems were known to do an effective job, but with extensive downtime, and the procedure was very uncomfortable for the patient.

The Laserscope Venus i allows the physician total control on the ablation of treatments, something the physician had no control over with the CO2 system. This allows them to offer light "lunchtime peels" or more ablative procedures with few days downtime. This versatility increases your patient base and the patients comfort level. A series of light peels can give you the same results as one more aggressive treatment.

Laserscope Venus i also offers a variety of spots sizes. These include 1mm up to 7mm. This assortment allows for any part of the face and neck to be treated. The larger spot sizes allows to treat the entire face in a very short period of time, whereas the smaller spot sizes allows to perform precise sculpting of deep wrinkles and scars or effective treatment of wart removal.

About OpsisClinical:
Opsis Clinical was founded by Ioannis Liapakis Plastic Surgeon, MD, PhD, and offers high quality services in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. The long training and experience of its partners in Greece and abroad will ensure safety and satisfaction of all patients.

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