Optical Image Technology Releases Updates to DocFinity® Software - Browser-based eForms a Powerful Feature in Newest Release

This announcement features the latest DocFinity release, which features browser-based eForms and rounds out the web-based DocFinity document management suite by Optical Image Technology.

State College, PA, February 18, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Optical Image Technology’s latest DocFinity software release continues OIT’s rollout of powerful products for business. DocFinity eForms, part of the company’s integrated suite of document and business process management products, is a major feature of the current release and offers several significant enhancements over previous forms products. Like all of the products, features, and functionality in the DocFinity suite, eForms can be configured, administered, supported, and used within a single web-based interface, streamlining administration for IT administrators and end users alike. This makes the suite unique in the document management software space.
For IT administrators, DocFinity provides a single, central point of access to establish security, configure end user feature rights, and support end user needs. Authorized end users benefit by being able to tap into the full functionality of the suite via a single user interface, allowing them to access and process work more quickly.

Part of the browser-based DocFinity suite, eForms is high-performance software that enables users to input, store, and access forms securely from any location, and to use those forms to launch appropriate business processes using DocFinity BPM (business process management) software. Equipped with a fully functional designer in a modern Flash interface that is easy to manipulate, eForms makes it easy to customize forms while ensuring sensitive information is secure. eForms makes captured information instantly and appropriately useful enterprise wide. End users benefit from flexible windows and workspaces, drag-and-drop functionality, user-friendly tool tips, and the ease of having one place to centrally create, implement, and interact with forms and related processes.

Unlike many products in the marketplace, DocFinity eForms enables users to collaborate on form design. Form designs can be checked out electronically by authorized users, who can add, delete, or modify those designs, then check them back in for further modifications or review.

As with all DocFinity products, eForms is completely underwritten in industry-standard web services, enabling thorough integration with diverse business software systems.

“We have worked hard to ensure that DocFinity eForms is tightly integrated with the DocFinity suite. We are leveraging the existing powers of our central administration and BPM functionality to enhance the use of DocFinity eForms in a seamless manner as part of the overall solution. There are many benefits to an electronic forms solution. We believe that integrating our forms solution into an organization’s business processes will truly drive value and deliver ROI. DocFinity eForms facilitates business process integration and enhances our core function as the “glue” across an organization, thereby helping businesses to maximize efficiency.” – Ron Prichard, President, Optical Image Technology

“Although the concept of online forms isn’t new, the easy-to-use design tools in DocFinity eForms enable clients to customize forms quickly and easily. DocFinity eForms lets clients collect needed information securely over the web; lets users complete paperwork online whenever it’s convenient; trims administrative costs; and encourages sustainable business practices by reducing paper. This release adds powerful options for our clients and their end users. With our latest subscription pricing model, there has never been a better time to leap forward with DocFinity.” - Jim Thumma, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Optical Image Technology

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Laurel Sanders