Author Uncovers "Hidden Story"

Richard Choo's Her Hidden Story is a riveting look in to one woman’s enduring struggle during times of war and oppression while living in Korea. For years, she kept her tragic story hidden...until now.

Dove Canyon, CA, July 25, 2005 --( When first looking at Chang, Yung-Kyun, one might see a happy and loving woman, who always seems to have a smile on her face. One might even suspect her of not having a single care or concern in the world. However, deep inside her lies a tragic story, one she kept a secret for many years--even from her own family!

And now, author Richard Choo has uncovered her extraordinary tale with his riveting new book, Her Hidden Story. 

The book takes the reader into Chang, Yung-Kyun's personal struggle to overcome periods of war, oppression, and suffering in her homeland of Korea. Step into her horrifying world as she must deal with the oppressive onslaught of Japanese occupation--a period where she was denied her own Korean culture and history. 

Take a look as she had to face the utter chaos of the Korean War while trying to survive day in and day out. And listen to her struggle as she had to endure death and violence almost every day since she was a little girl. The book provides a deep insight into the hostile environment this woman lived through as a child and as an adult while focusing on her true strength and determination to endure no matter what. 

Author Richard Choo became inspired to write the book after Chang, Yung-Kyun started telling him her story, which she kept hidden from her own husband and children for years. Choo felt her story had to be told for everyone to see, due mainly to its extraordinary nature and to offer inspiration in some way. 

Chang, Yung-Kyun's story strives to inspire others, like her, who have experienced countless tragedies in their lives. The book is meant to influence these people to come forward with their own tragic stories and share them with others, rather than keeping them to themselves. 

Her Hidden Story is also meant to inspire hope and that no matter how bad the situation or circumstance, one can always overcome the obstacles and live a happy, loving life--just like Chang Yung-Kyun. 

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