Linearstone Moves for Lower Taxes

Linearstone will be moving all investing/trading business offshore effective July 1st 2010.

Birmingham, AL, February 21, 2010 --( Do to the ongoing high taxes and new regulation in the investing and banking industry inside the United States of America Linearstone will be moving all investing/trading business offshore. Linearstones main trading operation will be done in Switzerland though Linearstone AG a Swiss company. Located in Zug, Switzerland just 40 minutes southwest of Zurich. Zug has some of the lowest taxes in the free world and will allow for a 15% plus savings in taxes. Linearstone will no longer have the direct benefits of the investment arm of the company. In the further all investment in the United States of America will be in the form of low interest loans guarantied by Linearstone AG. The company's investment objective is to achieve an above-average return compared to regular investments. By reinvesting profits Linearstone aims to achieve a continuous and sustainable increase of capital. Linearstone’s diversifies its investments in different sectors, and stages of company development. Its investments include direct investing in stocks, investment funds, derivatives, commodity trading, currencies and the creation of new businesses all in their eight operating segments.

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