Akesios Launches White-Label IYP Platform

London, United Kingdom, February 21, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Akesios today launched an online directory platform, Business Search, which is a white labeled, fully managed and supported solution. Uniquely, it comes pre-wired with monetisation opportunities either to be packaged and sold by the publisher or provided by 3rd parties as content on a revenue share basis.

Business Search incorporates monetisation on two levels; the elements built into the site (advertising, 3rd party content on a revenue share basis, transactional elements) and a product set designed for sale by internal sales forces. Both are fully configurable and all views and actions within the product are trackable for reporting or monetisation.

From a usage perspective, there is a range of options to create a home page and search and navigation functionality which matches the business requirements. The search technology can be configured for one, two or three box searching and has sophisticated fault tolerance which stems from our knowledge of search usage, by name, category and location. User personalisation is offered via Facebook registration and logins.

The merchant profile pages combine rich content and SEO. These pages are structured to hold a range of proprietary or 3rd party content including photos, videos and reviews. Mapping is provided as standard. User personalisation is enhanced by the ability to share on social networks.

Social media is incorporated throughout, from logins via existing networks all the way through to generating social verticals.

“We get many requests from verticals and niche directory players wanting advice on monetising their online properties.” said Ben Barney, Co-Founder and Director of Akesios ”In response to this need, Akesios’ Business Search provides an off the shelf solution which can be customised to our customers’ needs extremely efficiently and cost effectively.”

Akesios Business Search has an infinite array of customisation options to suit all budgets and objectives. The functionality can be delivered to publisher-branded style sheets. More information can be found on the Akesios website at www.akesios.com

About Akesios

Akesios is a technology and professional services company operating globally in the local search marketplace.

The Akesios Platform enables publishers to implement online products faster and more cost effectively. This flexible system caters for any products from websites and video to search and social media. Technical integration is handled within the system along with configurable exception handling, allowing new products to be introduced with minimum pressure on publisher IT staff. Uniquely, the system provides aggregated reporting across the products both internally for product intelligence and directly to customers via email or online reporting centre in a unified format tailored to the publishers branding. Publishers can see the ROI from each media distribution partner allowing them to source traffic at the lowest cost and the highest conversion, saving them money and providing better quality leads to their customers.

Other Akesios products and services include:

Business Search – The online directory from Akesios is a white labelled, fully managed and supported solution. It comes pre-wired with monetisation opportunities
Search Platform – The Akesios Search Platform provides a simple, cost effective solution for publishers to provide paid search to their customers
Social Marketing – Social Marketing is the hot topic of 2010, and Akesios have tangible solutions for publishers and agencies to resell to their clients, large or small
Performance Manager – The Akesios Performance Manager is a web interface providing visibility to the Akesios Platform which uniquely consolidates management and customer reporting across all products and advertisers
Professional Services – Our in-depth knowledge and insight of the local search marketplace means we advise on a wide array of projects at a variety of levels for different types of clients

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