Multiplayer Video Game Tower Poised to Alter Social Gaming

Malvern, PA, October 31, 2006 --( Arcades are finally provided a solution for console video game entertainment.  This past weekend, FragIsle International, the leading developer of console pay-for-play technology, introduced at the Video Game Expo in Pennsylvania, the Multiplayer Video Game Tower.

Mr. Ed Flemming, President of the VGXPO said: “The FragIsle technology was a smash hit at VGXPO. Their booth was packed non stop, a huge value add to VGXPO!”

FragIsle demonstrated their 4 sided tower, equipped with 4 flat panel hi-def LCDs, all connected to premium console devices. The top of the tower was equipped with a touchscreen interface which guided customers through game selection, and duration of game play. Conveniently located next to the touchscreen was a bill acceptor and credit card reader to accept customer payment.

Ryan Miller, President of FragIsle said, “We are excited about releasing our product at the Expo and to have the opportunity to hear direct feedback from the gaming community. Gamers are accustomed to playing at Lan Cafes, or at home via the Internet with headsets. The gaming tower exploits true ‘Live’ gaming experience. The tower design is flexible in that we can mix and match consoles inside to take advantage of dominant titles on a particular console.”

The tower was an incredible demonstration of social gaming where complete strangers would join a particular game title, and within 10-15 minutes they formulated a relationship. One customer at the show was so intrigued by the device that they negotiated to have the device from the show installed in their school.

The device will be produced and marketed through FragIsle, offering placement of the gaming tower in arcades, bowling alleys, airports, family entertainment centers, malls, or pretty much anywhere people congregate and don’t have their console strapped to their back.

Scott Ziggler Manager of 422 Sportsplex said, “Our business has experienced a steady decline in our revenue from arcade machines, along with the never ending problems of keeping the games in working order. As we provide numerous birthday parties a year, the FragIsle Tower has forced us to evaluate our events, with the tower being a special feature available to our customers.”

About FragIsle International – FragIsle is the exclusive provider of console based pay-for-play gaming entertainment. Utilizing its technology in multiple applications for destination based gaming entertainment.

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