Undercover Solutions, LLC provides a Secret Wardrobe Assist for Smart Hollywood Starlets

With Oscars coming and theft on the rise, it's helpful to have a solution to carrying one's small valuables on one's person without risk of theft, loss and inconvenience. PortaPocket strap-on carrying cases allow gals to keep their important items handy yet securely stowed under their outfits, while their stylish purses can be used to transport all their less vital things.

Chicago, IL, February 23, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The Oscars are near, and in an economy that saw a 12% increase in thefts last year according to Javelin Strategy & Research, what’s a savvy fashionista to do? Eveningwear has a shortage of pockets, but it’s important to have a way to carry personal items. Purses are fashionable, yet they can easily be lost or stolen. Undercover Solutions, LLC’s new PortaPocket® strap-on carrying cases provide a streamlined, lightweight and user-friendly solution to keeping small valuables right on the body to avoid theft, loss and inconvenience.

Many women enjoy using stylish purses to complete their ensembles but relying on them to hold valuables can be risky. This is a very real concern as evidenced when a well-known fashion figure commented on twitter "left my driver's license n emmy purse n didn't know.i sent it back2 designer.had 2 have it fed exed 2me...". Now women can carry things of lesser value in their purses, while more vital items can be securely and discreetly hidden underneath their outfits. Keeping valuables in a closer, safer spot provides confidence and peace of mind.

The discreet solution consists of a detachable pocket on a neoprene belt that wraps around a thigh, calf, or ankle. It comfortably enables active people to conveniently and securely carry IDs, cash, keys, credit cards, cell phones, hygiene products, medical devices, and other valuables. Pockets are interchangeable and have either a Velcro®-style mounting or a belt-loop mounting that slides onto the band.

“There are a variety of uses for our carrying case,” said Kendra Kroll, founder of Undercover Solutions, LLC and creator of the PortaPocket line. “It’s for a woman wearing a dress at a wedding or nightclub who doesn’t want to ask her companion to carry things for her or worry about misplacing her purse but who still needs to keep personal essentials with her. It’s handy for a traveler to carry a passport. It’s helpful for someone who requires a medical item like an insulin pump, inhaler, or EpiPen®. It’s not just a portable pocket but a problem solver that brings convenience and peace of mind.”

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