Samurai Karate Studio Participates in Summit Parkway Middle School Family Night

Sensei Chris Feldt, owner and chief instructor of Samurai Karate Studio, a school that teaches traditional Japanese karate to children and adults, presented a fun exercise class to students and parents at a recent "Heart Healthy" night for students and parents of Summit Parkway Middle School.

Columbia, SC, February 23, 2010 --( Sensei Chris Feldt, owner and chief instructor for Samurai Karate Studio, located in Richland Northeast Columbia, SC, was invited to present a cardio workout for students and parents participating in Summit Parkway Middle School's "Heart Healthy" family night.

Summit Middle School has been awarded a grant program that is designed to bring students and parents once a month to their school to learn about the heart and heart disease and what can be done to maintain good heart health.

"During the night, the parents and students are supposed to participate in a healthy activity to get their heart rate moving," commented Sensei Feldt, "so one of my students and I introduced basic karate techniques. This way we were able to get their heart rates moving while also showing them some techniques that they might be able to use to defend themselves on the street if necessary."

Samurai Karate Studio teaches a traditional Japanese style of karate to children and adults, beginning at age 3.5 years old and up. In addition to its karate program, the SKS curriculum includes Diabetes awareness, anger managment, acts of kindness, community service, healthy eating and environmental self defense.

Sensei Feldt is available to speak to other local groups and you may contact him by calling 803-462-9425.

Samurai Karate Studio
Sensei Chris Feldt