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Denver, CO, February 23, 2010 --(, an online leader in providing access to comprehensive legal resources, is pleased to announce its most recent update of its Traumatic Injury blog, available at The continuing commitment to relevant and timely information in the personal injury field is once again shown in this recent post, which details new research regarding brain injury patients in a "vegetative state." Potentially new brain injury treatments are on the horizon for those who have suffered a TBI.

A recent study examined patients in a "vegetative" state, or a patient who is non-responsive, unable to communicate or move, many completely unresponsive to verbal prompts. Medical professionals and examiners used a series of questions such as, "Imagine playing a game of tennis," or "Imagine your house, room by room," while the patient's brain activity was monitored for any activity. While most showed no activity, some of the patients showed significant brain activity, similar to that of a typical functioning brain's response to the questions. This shows that there could be those who have suffered a brain injury who are fully conscious despite being unable to express it. This is interesting to scientists, doctors, or even a brain injury lawyer, as all these professionals could use this new information.

The researchers suggest that this new information should change the way that we think about patients in a vegetative state. Though many believe that these people are unable to communicate or comprehend what medical professionals or family members are saying to them, with this new-found discovery, that opinion may change. Additionally, knowing that their family members are indeed conscious and in some senses trapped inside their heads, unable to communicate, may prompt those family members to consider developing a brain injury lawsuit.

Within a short period of time after releasing these findings, the researchers involved were bombarded with petitions from families with members and loved ones in a vegetative state. With their technology, they could accurately assess clients' brain activity when answering "yes" or "no" to simple questions about their lives. A brain injury attorney could use this information to gather details and evidence surrounding their brain injury cases.

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