AHEB Investment Group Now Offers Financing with More Options for Clients

AHEB Investment Group has announced it can now provide further assistance to clients who require financing to fund their project and developments through arrangement of collateral.

Limassol, Cyprus, February 23, 2010 --(PR.com)-- With project financing options currently in great demand, AHEB Investment Group has been a major factor in the successful completion of several key projects including large hotels, construction and real estate developments, energy related projects such as power plants, oil rigs and even major purchases of ships or aircraft both private and commercial.

The key factor behind the success of the AHEB Investment Group and a differentiating factor is its key relationships with leading global and regional banking institutional as well as regional networks, which allow it to secure funding for its clients which would otherwise be very hard if not impossible to obtain. Through the arrangement of collateral to the value of the projects of its clients, AHEB helps the banks to reduce their risk lending to AHEB’s clients, and so the loan becomes more likely to be secured.

The major financial crisis has of course led many of these institutions which AHEB works with very closely to adopt far stricter policies when it comes to lending, and so AHEB is pleased to announce the introduction of further measures to work around this.

In order to be of assistance with the securing of loans from the banks, AHEB can now provide further assistance to its clients by providing a network of investment partners, also known as AHEB’s bank instrument providers, who through their ties and longstanding relationship with AHEB, will provide certificate of Deposit and bank guarantees to help secure clients’ loans.

For AHEB clients, this means that AHEB can now provide a full service from start to finish providing bank collateral for securing the principal and the interest of their loans. For borrowers who do not have enough collateral in order to secure their loan, this solution is a huge benefit, and means that start up businesses without other options do not have to walk away from their business ideas if the bank is unable to assist them alone.

AHEB is also pleased to inform clients that this option of mixed financing is also very flexible and loans can be secured for as long as five years. During this time of stricter lending from banks and higher requirements for collateral against loans, this is a considerable benefit.

AHEB also provides complete assistance and support through all the meetings with European financial institutions and lending banks, and through the structured finance option AHEB is now providing, clients are far more likely to successfully secure the required financing in order to go ahead with their projects.

AHEB Investment Group
Andreas Charalambous