AHEB Investment Group Expands with Business in Hungary and Romania

AHEB Investment Group announces its participation in a large European construction and development project, with an estimated value of 3 billion euros, for which AHEB Investments will advise on financing solutions. - April 22, 2010

AHEB Investment Group Assists MLS Invest Ltd with 200m Euros Bank Collateral Deal

AHEB Investment Group was a key factor in the successful outcome of MLS Invest’s application to secure 200 million euros of finance for their European project. AHEB played a fundamental role in securing all bank collateral needed to ensure approval of the necessary bank finance. - March 31, 2010

AHEB Investment Group Provides Project Funding Assistance for Waste2Energy

During their project funding application, Waste2Energy enlisted the professional assistance of AHEB Investment Group in order to successfully secure their financing. - March 11, 2010

AHEB Investment Group Now Offers Financing with More Options for Clients

AHEB Investment Group has announced it can now provide further assistance to clients who require financing to fund their project and developments through arrangement of collateral. - February 23, 2010

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