IIMSAM Official Appeals for Enhanced Support for Relief and Rehabilitation Works in Haiti

IIMSAM Middle East Director & Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Naseer Homoud appeals to world community for enhanced support for relief and rehabilitation work in Haiti. He also highlighted the relief assistance programme of IIMSAM.

Doha, Qatar, February 24, 2010 --(PR.com)-- In his appeal to the world community for support for rehabilitation work in Haiti after earthquake disaster, Dr. Naseer Homoud Goodwill Ambassador and Director of Middle East office for the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition (IIMSAM), the Permanent Observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council urged all governments and organizations to extend their helping hands to Haiti rehabilitation and relief work being undertaken by numerous organization and with support of several governments. Dr. Homoud said “nevertheless, the world community responded very quickly to relief and rehabilitation work in Haiti, it still needs a lot to be done. The disaster shall have far reaching implications to affected people and a long term planning to support Haiti for rehabilitation of its people is dire need of the hour”

Speaking on International Medical Assistance Programme (IMAP) of IIMSAM, Dr. Homoud expressed his gratefulness for the support people rendered to IIMSAM for relief and rehabilitation work in Haiti. He further mentioned that IIMSAM- IMAP team under supervision of Dr. Alan Goldsmith who is also Goodwill Ambassador of IIMSAM and Director of its IMAP programme left to Haiti immediately after the disaster took place. Dr. Homoud added “my thanks and congratulations are due to IIMSAM-IMAP team and for Dr. Goldsmith and
His Excellency Ambassador Remigio M. Maradona Director General of the IIMSAM who reacted without any delay realizing the pain and agony of the Haitian people. I also express my gratitude for the people who supported IIMSAM in this noble effort”.

While reaffirming the support of IIMSAM in its unparalleled commitment for extending helping hands to people of Haiti Dr. Homoud outlined that IIMSAM is committed for rehabilitation works in Haiti. He further said “we are also analyzing the long run implications of this catastrophe which destructed Haiti. World knows that Haiti is the poorest nation in western hemisphere and the direct consequences shall be in terms of basic amenities. IIMSAM is currently analyzing its strategy to operate in Haiti for Spirulina programmes to meet the demands of food and nutrition.” He further added “we want to ensure uninterrupted supply of nutritional foods so that long run effect of poverty amid disaster can be dealt accordingly, at least in supplying nutrition and food to Haitian people”.

IIMSAM-IMAP team rehabilitation efforts were supported by many and around 100 doctors joined IIMSAM-IMAP team. In addition, medicine and other medical supplies worth around 3 million of US dollars were sent to Haiti to cope with the situation. IIMSAM under guidance of His Excellency Ambassador Remigio M. Maradona, Director General of the IIMSAM have also entered in understanding with Haitian league Group so that relief and rehabilitation works are channelized to reach the maximum people.

He stressed that the country has been suffering from long-term political instability and a severely depressed economy. The effects of the global food crisis and particularly strong hurricane seasons have left the country dangerously vulnerable. This catastrophe will only exaggerate the already critical situation for the people of Haiti, especially children. In his appeal Dr. Homoud said “Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Haiti and all those working tirelessly for assistance to the thousands of victims, and supporting relief and rehabilitation work there,” he further added. “It is indicated that relief and rehabilitation work need much support to fund some of the basic requirements of people for a period of over a year at least so that the country can develop again” he assured that IIMSAM will continue to work closely in Haiti so that recovery efforts are materialized over the coming months”.

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