LiveAddress Real-Time Web Address Verification Surpasses 4,000,000 Transactions

LiveAddress, a Point of Entry Address Verification service that Instantly validates any US address through a web service interface, surpassed 4,000,00 real-time transactions in December 2009.

Provo, UT, February 24, 2010 --( Qualified Address, a leading provider of On-Demand Address Management Solutions, today announced that the LiveAddress real-time address verification web service surpassed 4,000,000 real-time transactions in December 2009. This represents a 30% growth over the total number of transactions in December 2008.

LiveAddress Instantly validates any US address provided through a web service interface. LiveAddress uses USPS® CASS-certified technology to verify and correct your addresses. LiveAddress guarantees address quality by preventing errors at the source--during data entry. LiveAddress can also be utilized to cleanse your existing lists, schedule periodic scrubbing, or maintain integrity at point of entry such as a shopping cart or during a user sign-up process. LiveAddress ensures efficiency and accuracy when gathering and maintaining address data and point-of-entry address verification.

"The LiveAddress platform has been built to scale," explains Jonathan Oliver, CTO and co-founder of Qualified Address. "Our LiveAddress infrastructure has been specifically designed to handle the dynamic, scale-out needs of our customers. By leveraging asynchronous, one-way messaging patterns internally, we can automatically adapt when under load to absorb any additional pressure resulting from wild fluctuations and temporary spikes in traffic patterns."

LiveAddress is available with a Free 30-day trial.

Company Overview

Qualified Address is a leading provider of On-Demand Address Management Solutions. The mailing list software and services developed by Qualified Address enable customers to effectively manage communication with their contacts without costly investments in IT infrastructure. Qualified Addresses services are flexible and developed so that they can be completely integrated into existing systems. Qualified Address prides itself in being an industry leader for software as a service (SaaS) mailing list and real-time address verification solutions. More information on Qualified Address is available on their website at

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