Reading Horizons Charitable Vocabulary Game Provides Dyslexic Child with Reading Program

Salt Lake City, UT, February 24, 2010 --( Reading Horizons is awarding a free reading program to Adam of Indiana, its latest spotlight for the Lemons for Literacy donation program.

Adam is an 8 year old boy from Indiana who has struggled with reading due to his dyslexia. He was held back in first grade and is now in second grade struggling with reading. He was diagnosed with both dyslexia and ADHD last spring. Unfortunately, his school does not have a program in place for children with dyslexia. He is a bright child with a high IQ and needs this program to give him the best chance at success.

Those who would like to help Reading Horizons sponsor its new spotlight, 7 year old Torrence of California, are invited to visit the Reading Horizons Web site and play “Lemons for Literacy.” Lemons for Literacy is a simple, entertaining game in which players match terms with their appropriate definitions. For each correct answer, a lemon is squeezed into a pitcher. With every lemon that is squeezed, the amount that Reading Horizons donates to Torrence increases. Donations will help provide Reading Horizons software for Torrence. The Lemons for Literacy Web site can be found at:

Torrence, Lemons for Literacy’s newest spotlight, is a 7 year old boy from California. Torrence has recently had to return to the 1st grade and has been diagnosed with a learning disability. This is difficult for Torrence because he has a twin brother who is a gifted student and they miss being in the same grade together. Torrence has worked hard despite his struggles and has learned the alphabet and some words, but still isn’t succeeding in school. To make the situation worse, Torrence’s mom is legally blind and they can’t afford to get Torrence the help he needs. With Reading Horizons program Torrence will be able to improve his reading skills and will hopefully be able to pull up to grade level. As one user, Bernadine, said: “It was like I was walking down a hallway with doors, and all of them were locked. After going through this program, I was given the keys to open them. Anything is possible now.”

Reading Horizons also has a “Lemons for Literacy” program for schools and other institutions which help struggling readers. Currently the spotlight for this program is Project Read. Project Read is a non-profit organization in Utah County which provides individualized instruction in basic reading and writing to adults with low literacy skills. The primary objective of Project Read is to help these adults achieve self-sufficiency and skills that will benefit them as an individual, family member, and community member. To help Project Read play Lemons for Literacy at:

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