CRE Credit Services introduces the "Circle of Restoration"

CRE Credit Services introduces it's "Circle of Restoration" to the financial world

Plano, TX, February 24, 2010 --( Executives at CRE Credit Services announced today that their "Circle of Restoration" would be used to not only repair derogatory items from their clients' reports; but also to help them get new lines of credit. James Charlet is the COO and Co Owner of this enterprising and ambitious new company. "Many people have the mistaken belief that all that matters when calculating a credit score is the lack of derogatory information, when in actuality the presence of positive trade lines is just as important to their overall credit health," said James as he was going over the new system.

Credit repair has gotten mixed reviews over the years, and has gone from the greatest thing since sliced bread to a not so hot status in recent years. Simon Webster the CEO of CRE believes that this can be changed with an emphasis on what's truly best for the client. Simon believes that "the client has and always will come first at CRE Credit Services, and we will do our best to make sure that holds true in every facet of our business."

CRE plans to make sure that clients know credit repair is very different than the credit restoration that they offer. "Credit restoration is the complete revival of a client's credit health, from dealing with derogatory items to establishing new lines of credit" said Justynn Royal, Executive Vice President. "What our Circle of Restoration is going to do is allow us to take care of our clients from start to finish making this difficult time for them as easy as possible. This is what separates us from the competition."

Being relatively new to the industry means that CRE Credit Services is the new kid on the block, however, if they truly do emphasize customer care over anything else then this write thinks they will do just fine. You can check out CRE Credit Services for yourself at or for a free consultation call 877-4779321.

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