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Holi is a festival of India which is celebrated by applying colors on friends and relatives. This is a day for the family and a chance for everyone to literally let their hair down and have fun.

Chennai, India, February 25, 2010 --( Holi also known as the festival of colors is unquestionably the most fun-filled and energetic of all the Hindu festivals. It is celebrated with unadulterated joy, mirth, fun, play, music and dance, and, with loads of bright colors which mark the occasion of Holi. Every year after the full moon in early March, Holi is celebrated to mark a season of good harvest and to signify the fertility of land. This is a time for spring harvest. The abundance of newly harvested crops at home and stores gives rise to a boisterous mood and huge merriment on Holi day. This festival is also known as Vasant Mahotsava.

The main day of Holi is enjoyed by squirting colored water on everyone, dunking friends in colored water pool amidst teasing and laughter and reveling with companions. Nothing is considered offensive on Holi day as it is a day of merriment and not fight. Colors play a vital role on Holi. Everybody dresses up in their white best so that it can be turned colorful by the end of the day.

The colors of Holi are called 'gulal', and were made at home previously, from the flowers of the 'tesu' or 'palash' tree, also called 'the flame of the forest'. The powder extracted from these dried flowers when mixed with water make a beautiful saffron-red dye. This pigment and also 'aabir', made from natural colored talc, are extensively used as Holi colors. Unlike the chemical colors of today these natural colors were good for the skin. Now most people are adopting safe and alternative organic colors and going back to old days so as to avoid chemicals. in tune with the mood of Holi has introduced a new series of gifting options to be gifted with love on Holi day. These gifting options include beautiful floral arrangements, delicious sweets, reusable gift hampers, non toxic natural colour pouches etc. Each gifting option is accompanied with two packets of colorful gulal, one pichkari and some balloons. The message of safe Holi is sent by making all these gulal packets organic and non toxic and having an exclusive gift hamper for non toxic natural colour packets.

Gift hampers of Gujjias, Namkeens, and Dry fruits provide a safe and healthy option to celebrate Holi with style and panache. Kid’s Holi hamper has a latest pichkari in the style of a gun which will make the kids have more riotous fun on Holi day. Enjoy this Holi with love and more entertainment than yester years.

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