Lancaster University to Introduce Software Entrepreneurship Into Curriculum to Help Prepare Students for the Future of Software

The E-Business and Innovation program at Lancaster University has partnered with Agitavi, a global business and technology consulting firm, to incorporate software entrepreneurship and software business topics into the curriculum.

Lancaster, United Kingdom, February 25, 2010 --( The new module Software Innovation and Entrepreneurship, provides students with practical knowledge of software markets, software business models, software distribution and software business management aspects. It interrelates these business topics with a deep understanding of the technology and software engineering trends shaping the next generation of web and mobile applications.

Since 2006, Agitavi has been working with Microsoft to develop a Software Entrepreneurship for Students Curriculum with the goal to bridge the gap between technology education and entrepreneurial skill-set development. The program is designed to help a university improve the teachings of entrepreneurship in the area of IT and to provide students with knowledge and tools to develop successful and sustainable software ventures.

Gerd Kortuem, Head of The Lancaster e-Business in Innovation Programme at Lancaster is proud to be one of the first academic programmes to incorporate these materials into a University curriculum.

“We have worked with Agitavi and Microsoft over the last 18 months to develop changes to our degree programs that fit in with best practice thinking on software entrepreneurship education, giving our students the access to the latest global research and teachings on what is such a young and dynamic discipline.”

Jyoti Banerjee, Director of Agitavi is delighted to be able to work with a leading institute like Lancaster University.

“We find that our industry perspective is modified and improved when we work with the professors from Lancaster. Our goal is to find deeper and richer ways to collaborate between industry and academia, we can make a difference to the economies we are operating in”, he said.

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