Movie Morpher 2.0 Gold Edition Released Today

Nicosia, Cyprus, November 01, 2006 --( Today, at Headquarters of AVnex Ltd in Cyprus, spokesperson, Jenny Le, has confirmed the release of Movie Morpher Gold 2.0, the company’s latest movie editing software at

Movie Morpher Gold 2.0, the best movie editing software in the range of DVD Player Morpher, was released on November 1, two weeks after the release of its lighter companion Movie Morpher 2.0.

The new release has seen notable Voice Remover feature, which helps users to remove voice out of the audio track and prepare a clean bed to dub new voices, with an even cooler Voice Dubber.

“Movie Morpher Gold 2.0 is designed for thousands of movie editors who are searching for a better movie voice dubbing software. The tool combines all the best functions of all previous versions and candidates, plus unique Parody Mixer and Voice Dubber,” said Louise A., Audio4fun Community Manager.

Parody Mixer with hundreds of exclusive video audio effects has made Movie Morpher Gold 2.0 the smartest software for professional and amateur filmmakers, movie directors, voice talents, etc…

She added, “We aim to serve online users who wanna produce short movies, online TV broadcasts, video clips to upload to Internet video sites such as YouTube, iFilm, Metacafe, Dailymotion, MySpace, etc. Using Movie Morpher 2.0 will make their work exceptional.”

Also she revealed, “In the next couple of weeks, our funny space will be released as a gift for Movie Morpher users. The bundled module with FTP Client Connector feature will allow users to enjoy funny stuffs of their own and other users right from the software.”

In order to run Funny Space Module, users will need to install .NET Framework 2.0. The lighter free trial version of Movie Morpher Gold 2.0 may be downloaded directly from at Download page



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