2nd Wind Exercise Reports Large Gains through Juice Media

2nd Wind Exercise Makes Significant Online Gains by Partnering with Juice Media

San Diego, CA, November 01, 2006 --(PR.com)-- 2nd Wind Exercise is a Midwest retailer of fitness equipment with over 90 brick-and-mortar locations in 9 states. Founded in 1992, the company is a leading retailer of home fitness equipment, selling everything from exercise balls, ellipticals, home gyms and treadmills. Although primarily a brick-and-mortar offline retailer, 2nd Wind sees the internet as pivital to increasing sales and has invested heavily in an online presence.

"Juice Media's expertise with online marketing generated sales for us immediately," said Adam Lindquist Director of Business Development.

The primary purpose of www.2ndwindexercise.com is to generate leads for retail stores. Visitors to 2nd Wind's website can research fitness equipment, print coupons, and find the nearest retail location.

By working with Juice Media www.juicemedia.com, 2nd Wind's marketing team added online video, integrated email, began analyzing website traffic, and noticed that many landing pages had a high exit rate and that the average pageviews per visit was low. Juice Media continuously worked with the 2nd Wind marketing team to resolve the technical and configuration issues that had hindered analysis in some online areas.

The website design changes made an immediate positive impact. Lead generation increased by 60%, resulting in additional sales of $250,000 per month. 2nd Wind's AdWords campaign generated an ROI of 3,661%. The number of return visitors per month increased by 55%. The average number of pageviews per visit increased by 35%. Landing page exits were reduced by 50% on key pages. E-mail newsletters generated $83,500 in additional monthly sales. Comp website traffic increased from 33,000 visitors in October 2005 to 85,000 in October 2006.

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