New Publishing Company, "Creative Imaginations," Founded by Authors, for Authors, Releases First Title Inspired by a True Story, "The Count of the Cards"

"The Count Of The Cards" is now being released by Creative Imaginations LLC, a new publishing company releasing it's first novel March 01, 2010. The company was founded February, 2010 with writers in mind. The company is interested in providing writers the opportunity to maintain their own unique style and choices of topics without constant editing for the publisher's bottom line. The first novel published, with the authors insight and experience as a professional gambler are included.

Baton Rouge, LA, March 02, 2010 --( After having spent years practicing and mastering the skill of card counting, professional gambler, David Lane, writes a novel inspired by his true story of taking on the casinos at their “own game.” “Since casinos have sprouted up everywhere in the country, I wanted to share my story of how a regular guy was able to successfully beat the casinos” Lane explains. “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to beat the game. But you do have to be committed and dedicated to learning the skills and most importantly, the art of camouflage.” Camouflage, the developed skill of hiding from the casino personnel what the counter is actually doing is well explained in Lane’s book as well as how to acquire the skills required for winning at the game. “I didn’t want to just write another book on how to count cards,” Lane explained. “So I wrote about my experience in the form of a novel in hopes of providing an entertaining view of card counting.”

“The Count Of The Cards” is the first novel published by Creative Imaginations and is available now, according to Sr. Vice President, Michael Cashio. “Our publishing company was founded the beginning of this year with the author in mind” explains Cashio. “Today’s publishing industry is going through a lot of changes due to the state of the economy,” Cashio adds. “As a result of these struggles, many authors are feeling the bottom line profits are forcing changes in their writing styles and chosen topics much more than in the past. Profits are a realistic goal of any business, but these days many publishing companies are not only choosing different titles to publish than normal, but the marketing scheme for the chosen published titles is not nearly as aggressive as in years past” Cashio summarizes. “We are very interested in focusing on novels of fiction as well as non-fiction,” adds Dwayne Scott, Production Manager of Creative Imaginations. “Many publishers are overly focused on business and “How To” books compared to the last few years. It’s not that there is anything wrong with that but the unfortunate result is many excellent authors of fiction are being overlooked in today’s economy,” Scott adds.

Creative Imaginations, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is actively seeking authors desiring to publish fiction as well as non-fiction works. Interested writers can upload their manuscripts on the company web site. Customers can purchase books on the web site as well. There is a page to become a web site member as well where the customer receives a ten percent discount on any books ordered through the company. There is no charge to become a member.

The company phone number is (225) 287 3905. The direct line to Michael Casio, the Sr. V.P. in charge of day-to-day operations is (225) 281 6250. The company email is Questions or messages can be sent through the web site as well. Book orders, both retail and wholesale can also be placed at the company headquarters located at 2070 Silverside Dr., Suite 201-C, Baton Rouge, LA. 70808.

Creative Imaginations LLC
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