DiscoverOrg Unveils New Web Based Platform for Technology Vendors

Dubbed Discovery 2.0™, DiscoverOrg, the leader in lead generation and marketing systems for technology companies, rolls out an upgrade to its web based platform complete with a new suite of tools designed around its database of Key IT Decision Makers at Fortune 2000 companies, Government Agencies and Universities.

Vancouver, WA, February 26, 2010 --( DiscoverOrg, a Vancouver, Washington based provider of competitive intelligence and lead generation services has announced the roll-out of Discovery 2.0™ its upgraded platform for sales and marketing departments of technology vendors. Discovery 2.0™ provides a host of new tools and full compatibility with iPhones and Blackberries all designed around real-time data on technology buyers within Fortune 2000 accounts, Government Agencies and Universities.

Used by a host of technology vendors across the country including large technology firms like Spherion to Inc. 500 companies like Cynergies Solutions, the service is leveraged by the marketing and sales departments of technology vendors in need of data that is constantly updated and available on-demand.

“It’s clear that our customers love our research, our data and our customer service. The new release of Discovery 2.0™ will give our customers easier, more convenient, and faster access to all of those features. And with the added ability to log-in to the platform using a Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Based phones and Android, having access to a world-class research team and impeccable data will always be at the fingertips of our users,” said Henry Schuck, DiscoverOrg’s Vice President of Operations and General Counsel.

The platform is powered by Webdata Pro, a mature web database solution from Webteacher Software. Since 2000 the software has been used by IBM, AT&T, Verizon, Lucent Technology, Fujitsu, GM, The Gap, MIT, The CIA, NASA, and thousands of web sites worldwide. Webdata Pro is, in turn, powered by MySQL, one of the fastest high-volume databases available in benchmark tests.

DiscoverOrg arranged to work with Robert Young, the company's lead developer. "It was a fun project," Young said, "it seemed like a very simple database at first, but there turned out to be a lot of interesting twists. They had some good ideas to make the user interface much more powerful than your typical search form. Throughout the process our main focus was speed. We want the user to be able to find their contacts, print an Org chart, export the data in a meaningful way, or focus only on contacts that have been added or changed since the last time they looked."

“The back end application was rewritten from the ground up and we’ve upgraded our servers with Peer 1 Networks so that we’re running the fastest Dual Xeon Quad Core servers available. This has improved performance across networks and increased the speed of our searches by more than 400%” said Dan Kloke, DiscoverOrg’s Director of Database Development.

Not only did the new release increase search speed, it has also made navigation more efficient while remaining compatible with all browsers.

In addition to performance upgrades, functionality has been boosted as well. The new Red AlertsTM system finds the clients best potential targets and serves them up with detailed information via e-mail or on demand within the Discovery platform and the newly deployed Live Chat feature connects users with DiscoverOrg research analysts in real-time.

The company’s focus is on providing technology vendors with the key contact information and research they need to penetrate the largest technology buyers in the United States and Canada. The database and organizational charts provided include contact information on key decision makers including the CIOs, CISOs, VPs of Infrastructure, VPs of Architecture, VPs of Application Development, Directors of the Data Center and others.

The company does not provide lists, instead it offers a subscription service that provides technology vendors with access to Discovery 2.0 ™ complete with full in-depth organizational charts of the information technology departments of the companies, as well as extensive research on the technologies and software deployed, network infrastructure, and other key information sales and marketing teams leverage to penetrate into their accounts. The information can be used for lead generation, appointment setting, marketing emails, account mapping and many other demand generation, sales and marketing tasks.

Ultimately, the service is designed to make the sales and marketing processes of technology companies more innovative, targeted and productive. "Sales representatives no longer have to pick up the phone and blindly call into a company trying to find the technology decision maker. Our product gives them valuable information that can be used to better understand and connect with the organizations and IT executives they are contacting," Schuck says.

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DiscoverOrg is a competitive intelligence and lead generation services company. The company operates a call center designed to gather extensive information on the information technology departments Fortune 2000 companies, Government Agencies and Universities. The data gathered and constantly updated includes name, direct phone number, direct email address, exact title, reporting structure, exact address, IT budget, number of IT employees and key technology initiatives and technologies deployed.
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