Nu-Heat at 18 – Still Opening New Doors

As Nu-Heat Underfloor and Renewables reaches “adulthood,” Sales and Marketing Director Adrian Troop reviews how the core ethos of the company has proved to be a key strength in the continuing success of the business.

Honiton, United Kingdom, April 19, 2010 --( Nu-Heat Underfloor Heating was set up in 1992, and over the past 18 years the business has developed with the market from being a supplier of underfloor heating (UFH) in domestic applications to its current position as an industry leader in renewable technology. As a company they have seen many changes and a great deal of growth during this time, but the original concept of providing design, innovation, expertise and service in a one-stop shop remains at the heart of their enterprise.

In 2007, Nu-Heat built on its experience with emerging green technologies to incorporate an exciting range of renewables that now includes Hitachi, NIBE and Stiebel Eltron heat pumps and Roth flat plate solar panels. It seemed an appropriate juncture to rename the business as Nu-Heat Underfloor Heating and Renewables.

Nu-Heat’s heat pump offering includes ground source, air source and exhaust air, and the range can meet any load requirement, from 1kW with an exhaust air heat pump to 60kW using a ground source heat pump. These can be fitted independently or combined with Nu-Heat’s UFH systems. Likewise, the in-roof and roof-mounted solar kits can be used alone or as part of an integrated system.

Design: taking care of the hard work for you
Nu-Heat designs and supplies complete packages ready for installation. The design process establishes the most suitable system for each individual project.

For underfloor heating this includes working out the complicated heat loss calculations associated with warm water UFH systems using our specialist Optimiser™ software. This establishes the most suitable floor heating scheme for the building and determines the various technical requirements including correct tube spacing for each room, optimum water flow temperatures and recommended boiler capacity.

With the full range of heat pumps available, from ground source to air source or exhaust air, Nu-Heat will specify the correct model for a project. When heat pumps are used with UFH great care is needed to factor in the lower water flow temperatures that will allow the heat pump to work efficiently and gain maximum benefit from the warm water it provides.

The easiest way to find out whether a customer’s project is suitable for use with solar is to provide information such as roof orientation and number of people in the household, and let Nu-Heat take care of the detailed system design. Their design and sizing process uses its own unique calculation package to specify the ideal configuration of cylinder, solar collectors and ancillary components for the project.

By using one supplier it should go without saying that all products and parts will be compatible, with one point of contact and no conflicting advice to confuse things.

They are also dedicated to adding to the versatility of their offering to ensure that installers have access to the best solution for a project. The Stiebel Eltron heat pump models, for example, are of interest to installers working on commercial contracts as they can be fitted in cascades to provide an output of up to 500kW.

Nu-Heat’s comprehensive, award-winning installation and user manuals are supplied with every system, and the Nu-Heat User Guide explains how to get the best from the system. A free No-Nonsense Guide to Underfloor Heating & Renewables DVD is available for those installing the system for the first time. Designed to support the manuals, it gives a practical step-by-step demonstration of a standard installation and the integration of renewable technologies, and is a great tool for anyone wishing to learn more about what’s available.

For more information contact Nu-Heat on 0800 731 1976.

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