OrionGadgets Newly Listed - Leather and Aluminum Hard Cases for Palm Pixi Plus

OrionGadgets has added leather and aluminum cases to its wide variety of Palm Pixi cell phone accessories. With this release, OrionGadgets.com now offers private label Palm Pixi cases to suit just about every user from the boardroom to the classroom.

Brooklyn, NY, February 27, 2010 --(PR.com)-- OrionGadgets.com, a manufacturer and retailer of cellphone and portable electronic accessories, has recently listed three styles of private label black leather cases, as well as silver and black aluminum hard cases, for the Palm Pixi cellular phone. In addition to the skin cases and plastic cases already offered by OrionGadgets, the listing of genuine leather cases adds a more sophisticated option for Palm fans. These genuine leather Palm Pixi cases are made of soft leather with reinforced corners and feature the OrionGadgets logo tastefully imprinted on them. The Palm Pixi Leather Flip Type Case (Black) opens vertically to reveal the phone within and allows easy access to the keyboard and display. This leather Palm Pixi case is tailor made to fit the Palm Pixi and Pixi Plus models. It features open sides and two securing tabs. This allows the cell phone to be easily inserted and removed while offering easy access to ports and volume buttons. A magnetic button clasp holds the case closed and a removable 360 degree rotating belt clip is included. The Palm Pixi Leather Flip Type Case (Black) retails for $23.00.

The Palm Pixi Leather Book Case (Black) differs from the Flip type in that it opens horizontally from right to left, similar to a book. The screen and keyboard are easily accessible while the phone is in the case. Like the Flip type, it also features open sides with two securing tabs, plus an extra bottom tab to keep the phone from sliding out. However, the two side tabs fit so well that this is more of an afterthought. The magnetic button clasp and 360 degree swivel belt clip are also included on this model. The Palm Pixi Leather Book Case (Black) retails for $23.00.

The Palm Pixi Horizontal Pouch Type Case (Black) is unique in that the case does not open. The Palm Pixi or Pixi Plus slides into the case horizontally. The Pouch type case allows access to ports and volume buttons but not the screen or keyboard. It has a convenient opening which can be used to push the phone out from the opposite side when removing it from the case. The Pouch type case has a stationary belt clip which holds the case horizontally, open side up. This is the most secure of the leather Palm Pixi cases with four reinforced corners around the phone at all times. The Palm Pixi Horizontal Pouch Type Case (Black) retails for $25.00.

The Palm Pixi Metal Aluminum Hard Case - Open Screen Design is the most protective Palm Pixi hard case offered at OrionGadgets.com. This hard case comes in black and silver and is made of anodized aluminum. The case provides superior protection from scratches and dings without adding much to the weight. The inside is cushioned with a thin layer of neoprene to keep the cell phone in mint condition. The open screen design and strategically placed cut outs give easy access to the display, keypad, and ports. The Palm Pixi hard case includes a 360 degree adjustable belt clip. The aluminum hard cases and the leather private label cases ship in an Oriongadgets gift box and available now. The Palm Pixi Metal Aluminum Hard Case - Open Screen Design retails for $23.00.

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Jerry O'Connor