The Cartera Group Inc. of San Antonio, Texas Announces the Cartera Card Program

Millions of Unserved Hispanics to Join the Rest of the Country with Convenient Access to Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

San Antonio, TX, March 02, 2010 --( The Cartera Group, Inc. announced the next generation solution for millions of working people today. “Millions of Hispanics are underserved by the medical, insurance and banking communities,” said Mr. Joe L. Castillo, President of The Cartera Group, Inc., a Hispanic majority owned organization in San Antonio, Texas. “Our goal is to bring this service to our community.” The Cartera Group has joined with EmployerNow Development Company Inc. of Boerne, Texas to make available a wide variety of services and products not previously available to the working community.

The Cartera Group, Inc. will debut their Cartera debit card. Nationally, a credit or debit card has become an everyday commodity. People use their debit and credit card without thinking of benefits and conveniences. “Whenever, most Americans have a need for services, they will be able to reach for their wallet (or as Hispanics know it, their “Cartera”). The card will provide a means for Hispanics and others that don’t have or don’t want a regular banking relationship to receive benefits most other Americans have.

The Cartera card will provide a fully featured program of ‘Real’ value medical discounts, including: $40 doctor visits, discounted Prescriptions, dental, vision, access to a Doctor and/or a Nurse 24/7 by telephone and diabetes related care alone would make this new card well worth looking in to. However; the added features of Legal services, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, repatriation in case of a member’s death.

“Hispanics are the fastest growing group in the United States. Their value to this country is tremendous,” said Castillo. “Hispanics send a remarkable $200-$300 a month to their families all over Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. It is calculated to be over $20 billion. The fees they currently pay for these transfers are exceptionally high. The Cartera card will give them a substantial savings on this practice alone.

The Cartera card will be available to all through a program that will give access to clients at their grocery store, neighborhood corner store, small restaurant, telephone providers, and many other places near them.

EmployerNow Development Company (ENDCO) platform is the newest internet technology available utilizing artificial intelligence. The ENDCO platform allows a fully interactive experience for both PC Users and Non-PC Users in multiple languages globally via personal computing devices or touch screen kiosk.

“We have had significant success in the private community and have been keenly aware of the social aspects of our technology. The Cartera Group allows us to make available products and service never before accessible to the working community. We look forward to working with Mr. Castillo and The Cartera Group in making a positive impact on the lives of working people around the globe ….” said Kent Linduff CEO of EmployerNow Development Company Inc. from their Boerne, Texas headquarters.

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