Oliver Sean’s Latest Song Gets Over Three Hundred Thousand Plays and Downloads Within Two Hours of the Worldwide Launch Setting a New Record

‘So Good’ the new release by International Rocker Oliver Sean is an instant hit and breaks WOA download & play records.

Goa, India, March 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- International Rocker Oliver Sean’s latest release, the much awaited song ‘So Good’ was released worldwide by W.O.A Records recently. The release saw an unprecedented number of downloads and plays on various sites reaching a record number of over Three Hundred and Thirty Thousand plays and downloads on major websites within two hours of the song being made available as a free download.

The new single ‘So Good’ is the run up and title track to the highly anticipated full length album by Oliver Sean which is expected to be released on W.O.A Records this April. Such has been the interest in Oliver Sean’s new material that the music video and new album is being pre ordered by Oliver Sean fans worldwide.

“This high number of downloads and plays so fast was completely unexpected” says the visibly excited Singer/Songwriter Oliver Sean, “I toured all though 2009 promoting the songs from the upcoming album and ‘So Good’ was an instant hit during my shows which was one of the main reasons we decided to release it as a single before the album launch.”

The upcoming album also titled ‘So Good’ will feature Seven Oliver Sean Originals and a special version of ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ for which Bob Dylan’s publisher has given a special license to the International Rocker.

“Oliver Sean has some of the best fans a musician can have, they are more like a cult that follows him and adores his music ” says Pete Saunders, V.P. Management, W.O.A International, “however this record number of online downloads and plays was unprecedented and it just shows that Oliver Sean’s popularity and fan base has grown to record numbers through the years”.

The music video to the single will be released with the launch of the album in April and will also feature footage from various Oliver Sean live concerts that are underway including the upcoming Oliver Sean Middle East tour to be held before the album launch followed by the singer’s UK and US tour.

“Oliver Sean is one of the few Internationally acclaimed celebrity artists in the world who has helped upcoming and independent artists in a major way which led to the formation of W.O.A International - The music company” says Executive Vice President and Marketing Director of W.O.A International, Wanda Alvares, “With his new hit all of us at W.O.A International are looking forward to the upcoming Oliver Sean tours as it will be a big support to many W.O.A Artists who will gain immensely as they will be invited to make guest appearances during Oliver Sean’s tours all throughout 2010.”

The new song ‘So Good’ is now available on major sites including iTunes and Amazon and can be downloaded for free for a limited time on ilike.com and facebook. Visit Oliver Sean’s official website www.oliversean.com to find out what all the noise is about and get immersed in the Oliver Sean Sound.

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