Tariam SCIAC Breaks Cover

Tariam Satellite Communications, supplier of some of the world's most innovative satellite broadband solutions announces today a unique and dynamic Deployable Communications Solution.

Oxford, United Kingdom, March 03, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Global Satellite Communications ISP Tariam has unveiled a groundbreaking new product, its Secure Communications in a Case (SCIAC).

SCIAC (pronounced SKY-ACK) has been designed and manufactured by Tariam in response to customer demands for a lightweight, Deployable Communications System (DCS) with global functionality.

The device which mates hardware based on Inmarsat’s BGAN satellite communications platform with an innovative power supply designed to work from any available power, and CESG and FIPS approved encryption, provides portable, robust voice and data communications, literally anywhere.

Tariam’s Military and Aerospace Director Selwyn Petterson said

“Our customers often have to deploy at a moments notice into environments that are at best complex, and frequently very remote.

“SCIAC’s design brief was for a rugged, compact and portable unit that could be carried as hand luggage onto any flight, and then when the user reaches their destination, can be online for suitably encrypted data and voice communications within minutes, whatever the local infrastructure. It’s affectively a guaranteed, confidential networking solution for places with non existent or flaky wired connectivity.

“The product set has completed formal evaluations by the UK Government CESG Assisted Products Scheme (CAPS) at “Enhanced Grade” standard, suitable to protect data up to short term SECRET, and is formally approved in the MoD’s Defence Infosec Products Co-operation Group (DIPCOG) scheme. We do expect quite a few SCIAC’s to find their way to Afghanistan over the next few weeks”.

SCIAC is available with a wide range of options dependant on the user’s likely working environment, and the number of users they wish to cater for.

Tariam SCIAC is available now with a variety of encryption standards and airtime plans to suit individual user’s profiles.


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