Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Presents an Interactive Video Showing the First Day of a Foreign Student in Florence

The Italian language School Leonardo da Vinci, located in Florence, Rome, Milan and Siena, created an original and interactive Video showing the typical first day of a foreign student in Florence, Italy. Impressions, feelings, expectations.

Florence, Italy, March 03, 2010 --( Every year, many students decide to leave and go abroad for studying a foreign language and know a different culture. With no doubt it is an unmatched experience to try at least once and in recent years, more and more students decide to come to Italy to learn Italian language, so they attend an Italian language course in a school specialized in Italian language teaching to foreign students.

For instance, the Italian language School for foreign students Leonardo da Vinci, with four centers located in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena, offers many kinds of Italian language courses, in which it is possible to study Italian language and to know Italian culture through many interesting and fun cultural activities.

This school provides students with a high-quality preparation in Italian language and allows them to have fun and make new friends, so that in this way they have the chance to know Italian culture inside out.

Anyway, it is by no means easy for anyone to be in a foreign Country. Once students have planned their travel and booked their favorite Italian language course, they arrive in Italy for the first time, and maybe in the wonderful city of Florence. It is the first day and students first of all wonder where they have to go, how to move, how to find an accommodation and to whom they have to ask information about the school, the lessons and the courses.

And this is the starting point of an amazing video created by Scuola Leonardo da Vinci: an interesting and interactive video dedicated to the first day in Florence of a foreign student.

The mini movie, entirely shot in first person, is divided into five parts and represents a sort of game, so that it is possible to choose two different developments.

The movie wants to show how the first day of an Italian language student who arrives in the country of her dreams and doesn't know what to expect: at first, she has to find the school and this could conceal a surprise, then she will meet new friends and maybe receive some invitation to go out.

By the way, she's in Italy to learn Italian, and in the video it is shown her first day at school and her interesting Italian language lesson.

It is possible to see this original video on YouTube.

For further information about the Italian language School Leonardo da Vinci, it is also available the YouTube channel Italian in Italy or the school's official website

Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Alessandra Ricci