Skitter, Inc. Announces Skitter Radio™

Digital Audio Streaming Now Supported in the Skitter.TV Converged Entertainment Services Platform: Skitter Radio allows telecom service providers who offer Skitter.TV service to add local radio and Internet radio to their entertainment service offerings. Skitter.TV is an end-to-end entertainment services platform.

Atlanta, GA, March 03, 2010 --( Skitter, Inc. today announced the addition of digital audio streaming to the company’s Skitter.TV converged entertainment services platform. Skitter Radio allows service providers who offer Skitter.TV service to add local radio station audio to their entertainment service offerings, as well as providing support for Internet radio. Audio support will be available in the pending 2.0 release of the Skitter.TV client application, among other new capabilities to be announced. Multiple audio stream formats are supported on the TV, including MP3 and AAC.

The Skitter.TV platform supports access to video and now audio streaming on a television, computer or smartphone. Skitter Radio is available as a menu option within the Skitter.TV software environment, providing consumers with converged access to audio in addition to live TV and Internet TV, all in one interface. When audio is accessed on a TV, Skitter Radio offers the service provider the ability to display advertising on the screen, creating opportunities for additional revenue generation. Service providers can work with their local radio stations to develop co-marketing programs and revenue-sharing agreements to enhance the value of advertisers’ media buys. Skitter is also actively working with Internet radio providers to develop partnerships that extend their reach while preserving their own revenue channels through subscriptions, merchandising or advertising sales. Internet radio content will be available to all users of the Skitter.TV environment across all of Skitter’s service provider customers.

“Most of the audio offered by national cable and satellite service providers consists of satellite radio or their own audio programming, shutting out local broadcasters,” said Robert Saunders, Skitter president and co-founder. “Supporting local radio audio streams adds to our core value proposition: to help Tier 2 and Tier 3 service providers compete successfully for entertainment services dollars with a uniquely localized offering.”

For the consumer, Skitter Radio provides unified access to local entertainment as well as expanding their entertainment choices in the living room. For radio broadcasters, Skitter Radio can extend their reach and add new revenue opportunities in cooperation with a local service provider, in addition to their own off-air signals and existing, stand-alone audio streams. For Internet radio services, Skitter Radio puts their content on more devices, growing their audience, enhancing their value to advertisers or adding revenue opportunities for those who offer subscription-based services.

“Bringing display advertising to the TV screen when audio-only content is accessed is a unique opportunity for local broadcasters,” said Laura Tanner, Skitter vice president of marketing. “For Internet radio services, we are committed to ensuring their content is secure and that all of their marketing and promotion efforts are accommodated within the Skitter.TV interface. The potential for revenue sharing agreements benefits everyone in the value chain, from the radio station to online audio services to the telco to the advertiser.”

Version 2.0 of the Skitter.TV end-user environment will be released in the second quarter of 2010. Additional details on enhancements and new features will be announced soon.

About Skitter.TV
Skitter.TV™ is video technology enabling telecom service providers to encode, configure, deliver and monetize converged entertainment services. Skitter.TV provides a broadband TV experience on computers, televisions, mobile devices and gaming consoles. The end-to-end video and audio platform includes head-end hardware and software for integrated Web video, live (linear) cable network and broadcast TV, digital audio and video-on-demand content, delivered over IP via DSL, fiber optics or wireless networks. Skitter.TV’s end-user software and program guide offer consumers premium-quality high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD) multiscreen entertainment service that combines live and on-demand content in a unified, remote-control-driven environment.

About Skitter, Inc.
Skitter is a converged media technology startup based in Atlanta, GA. Its founders have a combined experience base of more than 50 years in computing, telecommunications and Internet technology and more than 30 years in video technology, including numerous patents in video compression.

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