Mouth to Mouth Adds Keyboardist Greg Zema to Line-Up

San Francisco, CA, November 03, 2006 --( Mouth to Mouth - the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area rock band - has rounded out its roster with the addition of keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Greg Zema.

Zema, 25, is a native of Walnut Creek, CA, and has performed as a professional musician since the age of 16. In that time, he’s been a member of various bands on the Northern California club circuit and played “everything from death-metal to Broadway musicals,” he said.

According to Mouth to Mouth singer Jonny Scullion, the band auditioned more than a half-dozen people for the keyboard slot, but had not found a good fit. “We were getting really frustrated and worried that we'd have to turn to the Los Angeles scene for the right guy,” said Scullion. “Then, out of the blue, someone gave us Greg’s number.”

“I got a call from Johnny, saying that my name was given to the band by a piano teacher in Marin who knew me,” Zema recalled. “John asked me if I'd be into recording a demo, doing some label showcases, touring, and ultimately joining the band. They suggested that I check out their music on their My Space site - and it was definitely music I could get into.”

Zema, who cites renowned rock bands Metallica, Nirvana, and Radiohead as influences, quickly realized that he and the members of Mouth to Mouth had similar musical tastes. He felt a particular kinship with Mouth to Mouth guitarist Alex Lasner. “He and I share a love of Sunny Day Real Estate,” Zema explained.

“Greg’s influences were so right,” Scullion said. “When he came into the studio, everything flowed so naturally. We knew he was the guy. He plays anything you throw at him with great technique, and his songwriting ability is a plus. We've written about four new tracks since he joined us a few weeks ago.”

“I showed up and jammed,” said Zema, “and it was the most fun I had playing music in a long time. In addition to being great musicians, they're good-natured. I was able to work with them instantly.”

Although Zema will be handling keyboards including piano and organ, he will also add rhythm guitar to some of the band’s songs.

“We're privileged and excited to have him on board,” said Scullion. “He brings a whole other element to our sound, and he's excited to tour. He’s going to help us take our music to the next level.”

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